Jamie Foxx Gets Caught in a Tussle at Catch

The patio at Catch

Could the aura of Sunset Boulevard be drifting south across the rest of West Hollywood?

Looks that way with the celebrity press coverage of an attack on Jamie Foxx while he was dining Saturday night at Catch, the relatively new restaurant on Melrose Avenue at San Vicente.

According to TMZ (of course), the actors and his friends were on the Catch patio when someone came over and asked them to quiet it down.

“You don’t want to mess with me, I’m from New York,” TMZ quoted the interloper as saying. That apparently brought a response from one of Foxx’s companions: “F**k you. I’m from Oakland.”

A tussle ensued that led to Foxx putting the stranger in a choke hold. Soon he and Foxx and his entourage were asked to leave.

Catch, whose tables are said to be booked several months ahead, has generated some controversy of its own. According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter last fall, some diners claim the restaurant had cancelled reservations they made on Yelp on the day of arrival or when they actually arrived at the restaurant. Catch denied that, with its owners telling Hollywood Reporter that they are only accepting reservations from friends and friends of friends. And no, they said, the gatekeeper at the door won’t turn you away because you’re unattractive.

  1. My husband and I walked past CATCH one night after they first opened. We were excited to have a new restaurant in the neighborhood and thought we’d pop in and have a drink at the bar and check it out. We were stopped at the street level entrance by some guy with a clip board and he said sorry, without a reservation we can’t let you in. I told him we were only interested in grabbing a drink at the bar. He responded by telling us that only people with a reservation were allowed in. Well, if only the people with a reservation are allowed in, then the bar should empty. Won’t be back… don’t like the whole roped off, attitude vibe….only works for a short time and then when the hype is over the place will close up like so many others before that operated in the same way.

  2. Why take reservations from the unwashed masses from Open Table at all? Hell, why even publish the phone number? If you don’t have it, or can’t get it, clearly, you don’t deserve it.

    All the great new restaurants are downtown now, which sucks because who wants to schlep downtown? Why don’t we have any really good restaurants? Is the rent so high, we can’t attract fresh, new chefs? In other news: the forthcoming ice cream place in the old Starbucks spot is going to fail, just like the doughnut shop. Hello? This isn’t Cleveland. Know your demographic!

  3. This restaurant is awful. They did cancel hundreds of reservations on open table. The owner flat out lied to the Hollywood Reporter. The yelp reviewers are not exaggerating. And Catch did nothing to reschedule or accommodate the angry patrons. And they do turn people away for how they look. Employees that work there have confirmed that. These jerks should go back to Brooklyn. The space is beautiful so the crowd will keep coming for a while but Catch has angered so many people I anticipate there will be backlash once the hype has ended. They are more concerned with publicity and having a table for Kylie Jenner, who is not going to keep this restaurant around when the hype dies. I have eaten at Catch. While it is a gorgeous space, they hire rude hostesses and they have average food at outrageous prices.

  4. The owner is actually acknowledging that his restaurant isn’t opened to the public…Don’t you need to be classified as a private club or members-only establishment (e.g. Soho House) to do that legally?

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