Car Break-Ins and Homeless Thefts Dominated WeHo Crimes

Below is the weekly crime report from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station that calls out incidents in WeHo from Oct. 17 to Oct. 23. The times are indicated in as Military Time, a concise form in which midnight is indicated as 0000 and noon as 1200. The list also includes the case number.

Oct. 17

Aggravated Assault – Other Weapon (Suspect Arrested). 8400 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 2 p.m.. A homeless man began eating food in the store and was told he must pay for the items or leave. The suspect became upset and hit an employee in the head with a bottle of wine. The suspect was arrested. #06171

Oct. 18

Vehicle Burglary. 8900 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 8:12 p.m.. The front passenger’s side window was smashed and a wallet and cell phone were taken from the center console and shoes from the floorboard area. Loss $2,100. #06200

Vehicle Burglary. 8900 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 8:12 p.m.. The front driver’s side window was smashed and a gym bag containing clothing and shoes was taken from the back seat. Loss $1,800. #06201

Oct. 19

Vehicle Burglary. 1200 block Crescent Heights Boulevard @ 9:00 p.m. -11:00 a.m.. Luggage and a leather jacket were taken from the rear cargo area. No sign of forced entry. Loss $1,800. #06252

Oct. 20

Residential Burglary (Suspect Arrested). 1100 block Sweetzer Avenue @ 12:30 a.m. A homeless man used force on a rear door to gain entry and removed a laptop from a table. The resident came home during the burglary and found the suspect inside his bedroom. The suspect ran from the residence but was located and arrested by responding deputies. The laptop was recovered. #06236

Oct. 21

Aggravated Assault – Hands, Fist, Feet. 8900 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 11:40 p.m.. A man punched the victim one time in the face after a brief argument. The suspect fled the area on foot. #06271

Other Burglary. 7800 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 8 a.m.. A man entered a side door to the business and removed three Mont Blanc ballpoint pen sets from an unlocked office. Loss $1,175. #06264

Oct. 22

Aggravated Assault – Other Weapon. La Brea Avenue / Lexington Avenue @ 1:40 p.m.. A man was walking across the street in the crosswalk when he was hit in the face with a glass bottle by a man who was walking the other way. The victim did not say anything to the suspect prior to the assault. #06305

Grand Theft. 1400 block Havenhurst Drive @ 10:58 a.m.. A homeless man removed two bicycles from the victim’s patio area. The victim searched the area and located the suspect and one of the missing bikes. After being confronted, the suspect walked away from the bike and fled the area. One bike was recovered (valued at $1,000). One bike valued at $500 is still missing. #06303

Oct. 23

Aggravated Assault – Other Weapon (Suspect Arrested). 1100 block Crescent Heights Boulevard @ 1:25 a.m.. A man walked out of the business without paying his bill. When confronted by security, the suspect tried to walk away. The security guard held the suspect on the ground and detained him pending the arrival of deputies. The store manager approached the suspect while he was being detained and told him he could leave if he paid his bill. The suspect became upset and head-butted the security officer and then bit the arm of the store manager, which caused an open wound. The suspect was arrested. #06318

Other Burglary (Suspect Arrested). 8200 block Santa Monica Boulevard @ 2:10 a.m. A homeless man used force on the front door to gain entry. An employee heard the suspect forcing entry and confronted him near the front door. The suspect ran from the business but was apprehended by responding deputies and arrested. Loss $650 (door lock). #06322

Other Burglary (Suspect Arrested) 800 block North Robertson Boulevard @ 4:49 a.m. A homeless man climbed a light pole to gain access to the roof. Once on the roof, the suspect used a crowbar to pry an air vent open. Deputies responded and arrested the suspect as he was attempting to gain entry to the business. #06326

  1. I’m a senior citizen and I don’t live too far from the La Cienega and Santa Monica intersection. The situation with the “homeless” running the corners has gotten increasingly bad. I put homeless in quotes, because the ones around here have largely decided to stay on the street as opposed to those who have lost their job, got kicked out of their apartment or lost their home and are actually trying to do something to turn their lives around. The ones I see are only interested in getting enough to eat so they can buy their drugs. They’re not homeless; they’re loiterers. Over at Veterans’ park, they strip down to their skivvies and wash themselves at the fountain. Sheriff’s cars pass by and do nothing. This past week I was walking on Santa Monica towards the park and one loiterer accosted me by IHop asking for money. I didn’t acknowledge his presence so he followed me, berating me all the way to the park where a man notice the incident and came to my rescue. Another day I was waiting for the bus at San Vicente and SMB and one loiterer grabbed me by the arm, going off about some crazy nonsense I couldn’t understand. But when I pulled out my phone and threatened to call the police, he went on to trouble someone else. I have a bad knees and hips but I can’t sit down at bus stops because usually there’s a bunch of loiterers sitting around smoking dope and being obnoxious. So what’s the city going to do about it? Not much probably. They’re too busy making deals with developers or building a park that 75% of West Hollywood doesn’t know or care about. What I would like to see are more foot patrols, more police presence, especially around major intersections as a deterrent. It’s easy to drive by and not notice what’s going on in the streets or in the parks. Think of it as an opportunity for community public relations. Most of us want to feel safe when we walk the street. That’s what West Hollywood used to be like. Now, I have have my hand on my phone and look over my shoulder.

  2. The homeless problem is out of hand. You can not walk two blocks without having to give a wide berth to a filthy vagrant with possible mental issues. This the past month, I saw a man taking a sh-t on the sidewalk on La Cienega, another sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk on the side of 24 Hr Fitness, a shirtless man screaming his head off near GYM bar, and a woman tweaking out on the ground, also screaming, on Westbourne. Where the hell are the cops?

  3. West Hollywood, even before becoming a city, was like a candy store for people looking for a quick score. But, there’s more: People must be more aware of the activity in their neighborhoods, be more open to questioning activities which they suspect are leading mischief, the unusual and be willing to step forward and call the police – to at least get the problem recorded so the police will know better where to marshal their people and forces.

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