Bicyclist Hit by Big Rig on San Vicente at Santa Monica This Morning

Bicycle crushed under truck wheels. (Photo by Jon Viscott)
Bicycle crushed under truck wheels. (Photo by Jon Viscott)

A bicyclist was injured today in a collision with a truck in West Hollywood.

The accident was reported about 8:30 a.m. at Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards, the sheriff’s department reported.

The unidentified bicyclist was taken to a hospital with injuries of unknown severity. Apparently a woman, she was said to be riding on the sidewalk.

Traffic was blocked on Santa Monica Boulevard and routed away from the area while an investigation was conducted. As of publication, Santa Monica has been reopened.

Deputies remove bicycle from under truck. (Photo by Jon Viscott)
Deputies remove bicycle from under truck. (Photo by Jon Viscott)

  1. D – Thank you. My brother has been by her side since the moment she arrived at the hospital. I can’t imagine having been there and seeing the accident. We all agree that is an unbelievable miracle, especially with the very limited amount that she was actually injured. She has a lot of healing, but nothing life threatening.

  2. J – I am so very happy to hear she is ok! Words cannot even describe. I was there, behind the truck, and have had her in my prayers and heart. I am sending love and light her way for a speedy recovery and hold all who are dear to her in my heart. Such a miracle.

  3. Please remember to be sensitive to these situations. I know the person who was hit very well and it is a miracle she survived.

  4. How awful. I hope she recovers.

    I don’t see how her possible riding on the sidewalk is relevant to who’s at fault for this accident. The semi was driving in the road, not the sidewalk, and the image shows her mangled bike on the rainbow crosswalk, indicating this happened in the intersection.

    Cyclists may feel safer using the crosswalk to cross — cars use or cross through the bike lane to turn right at the intersection so there’s not really a separate, safe space for bikes there. Also, to turn left, many folks on bikes feel safer crossing each street than crossing two lanes of traffic and getting into the left turn lane along with cars.

  5. “Your bike is as dangerous to a pedestrian as a car is to a cyclist. That is why it is illegal to ride bicycles on city sidewalks when there are bicycle lanes present on the street.”

    Bicycles kill on average 1-2 peds a year in America. It is not uncommon to go several years without a single bicycle killing a pedestrian anywhere in the US. By way of comparison, cars kill over 30k a year in the US alone.

    We don’t ride on sidewalks because it is dangerous for cyclists AND peds. But much more dangerous for the cyclist because of right hooks like this.

    Bicycles belong in the street, not on sidewalks.

  6. Riding on the sidewalk is rarely the safest option. Back when I was an instructor it was the single most difficult thing to teach novice cyclists – because it does not seem intuitive.

    She was right-hooked probably because of poor sight lines which is the prime reason why you don’t ride on sidewalks. If there is no bike lane take the lane for your own safety. I ride through WeHo 5 days a week on my way to Santa Monica and it’s always very crazy because of the desperate traffic and amount of parking going on.

    And those bike lanes are not great overall. Ask any commuting cyclist and they will tell you about the bike lanes in WeHo. Weho can be a gauntlet even for experienced, trained cyclists.

    We fear that all of those new bike shares are going to be putting tourists and novice cyclists in peril because of the riding conditions in WeHo. Especially the Europeans who are accustomed to being respected by motorists and having well-designed infrastructure.

  7. Here’s the WeHo municipal code, as per the city’s website:

    Do not ride your bike on city sidewalks where a bicycle lane is present (WHMC 15.53.010)
    Your bike is as dangerous to a pedestrian as a car is to a cyclist. That is why it is illegal to ride bicycles on city sidewalks when there are bicycle lanes present on the street. The City of West Hollywood currently has bike lanes on Santa Monica Blvd. between Kings Road and Almont Dr., and San Vicente Blvd. between Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Blvd.

    Where there is no bicycle lane present, cyclists may travel on the sidewalk in the same direction as vehicular traffic, and must yield to pedestrians.

  8. I’m hoping people not speculate on who is “at fault” with this accident, as often seems to happen on this site, with almost any article involving an accident between a car and a pedestrian, or a car and a cyclist. No matter what the law says, if you weren’t there to see it, you shouldn’t express an opinion. Not to mention it is insensitive to the family and friends of those involved to start pointing fingers (especially those who sustain injury or cases resulting in a fatality).

    This accident looks terrible, and I hope she is OK.

  9. In CA, riding on sidewalks isn’t generally prohibited, but in Santa Monica it is except for along the beach. Still, while it’s easy to understand how this could potentially threaten pedestrians, it’s unclear what it has to do with big rigs. And the prohibition against riding bicycles in parking structures is just bizarre.

    3.12.540 Bicycle riding or coasting restricted.
    (a) It shall be unlawful to ride a bicycle or to coast in any vehicle upon any public sidewalk, except as provided for in Section 3.12.550. It shall be unlawful to ride a bicycle or to coast in any vehicle in any public parking structure.

  10. Bike riding is permitted on the sidewalk where there is no dedicated bike lane in WEHO but there is such a lane in that stretch of SMB.

  11. No indication who was at fault here. The important thing is the recovery of the injured bicyclist, but to assume it was the driver’s fault is also wrong.
    If she was riding on the sidewalk, she was violating the law. There are signs on SM stating clearly bike riding is not allowed.
    Let’s wait and here about further details along with hoping she is ok.

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