Clear Channel Announces 11 New Billboards on Sunset Blvd.

A rendering of CIM Group's Sunset La Cienega project on Sunset between La Cienega and Alta Loma
A rendering of CIM Group’s Sunset La Cienega project on Sunset between La Cienega and Alta Loma

Sunset Boulevard, known by some as the billboard capital of the world, will get even flashier with the addition of 11 new signs by Clear Channel Outdoor Americas.

Clear Channel announced that the signs would be on the Sunset La Cienega site on Sunset Boulevard at La Cienega. Sunset La Cienega, formerly known as Sunset Millennium, is a development by the CIM Group that includes a parcel east of La Cienega that will have two 10-story towers with 296 hotel rooms and 15,000 square feet of retail space. The parcel between La Cienega and Alta Loma will have two eight-story towers with 190 residential units and 55,000 square feet of retail. Both parcels will feature large public plazas with viewing terraces. Work on the project began in August 2013.

Clear Channel said the new billboards will go live in June when the first phase of the Sunset LaCienega project is completed.

“Clear Channel Outdoor Americas’ new displays are among the largest out-of-home media available in the Los Angeles area,” Clear Channel said in a press release. “The displays include seven walls standing from 80 to 87 feet tall and four vertical bulletins that are 60 feet tall and 20 feet wide with each display delivering over 1.1 million impressions monthly.” The stretch of Sunset Boulevard within West Hollywood currently contains 65 signs with 81 sign faces.

““Sunset Millennium offers brands one of the most centrally located advertising hubs in the entire country, and we are excited to provide advertisers with the unique opportunity to reach the affluent audiences who make their way through the heart of the Sunset Strip every day,” said Bob McCuin, president of sales for CCOA, using the old name for the Sunset La Cienega project. Clear Channel said there are nearly 50,000 people passing daily along the Sunset Strip.

  1. The Sunset Millennium buildings are rather spare in architectural ornamentation so maybe the signs will dress them up a bit. I am being facetious.

  2. The Billboard lobby in ‪#‎weho‬ hits a cash cow bonanza! How much did clear channel donate to John Heisman/ John Duran/ Lindsey to get elected? Hank do you know with your who owns weho numbers?

  3. What’s more troubling is the car traffic that will be generated from the 486 new rooms/units. Our streets can’t handle this traffic. We can’t keep replacing small structures with significantly larger ones.

  4. Here’s a brilliant idea for us WeHo residents who live in and around these 65 billboards / 81 sign faces (and let’s not forget the 6,000 square feet of LED signage coming to the to be built hotel on the former House of Blues site) — and are subjected to this form of “urbanism” (or what some might term visual blight) daily — THE CITY SHOULD IMPOSE A 10% GROSS RECEIPTS TAX ON ALL BILLBOAD/SIGNAGE REVENUE, and dedicate the proceeds to income restricted / special needs affordable housing AND park land acquisition and creation. This would easily generate $10 million + a year in tax revenue. Expand the tax to include “gross sales” when sold would add millions more to the fund.

    Billboards helped make the Sunset Strip what is became. Now it’s all about “impressions” – and at 1.1 million of ’em a month, Billboards have become the driver in new developments going up. The fact that the City is approving these projects and allowing new billboards and now adding LED / video signage to the mix should come with a substantial “community benefit” that is on-going and commensurate with the value these signs create – a value that only exists because the City approved the new billboards / electronic signage. Remember, no one has a “property right” to install new billboards – that’s an extraordinary discretionary approval worth literally millions of dollars. It’s about time We The People get benefit from this highly lucrative revenue stream that we allow to be created. I think it only fair.

    1. I agree about the gross receipts tax. I seem to remember this coming up and being discussed buy the City Council and City Attorney at one point many years ago. There was something about taxing 1st Amendment free speech that came up, but if you merely tax the rental receipts received by CIM (and other billboard owners), it shouldn’t be a problem. There must be other cities with similar taxes that we can use as a template. The well-funded billboard special interests will do anything to kill the tax, but I think the time has come to get some benefit for the residents rather than the well-represented and well-financed owners/landlords on the Sunset Strip.

  5. I’d love to know the financial details of this deal. I have a feeling that CIM will make a ton of money as will Clear Channel. The losers? The residents in the hills who will have their homes lit up like day at night and the people of West Hollywood that get nearly nothing from this deal except the “prestige” of being the host city for the biggest, brightest electronic billboards outside of Times Square.

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