New WeHo Visitor Parking Permit Policies for the New Year

No more seven day passes, the new limit is five.
No more seven day passes, the new limit is five.

Ready to head to City Hall or the Kings Road Parking Structure for another fist full of 10-day parking passes? Well, hang on. The City of West Hollywood implemented last Friday new parking permit policies.

From that date forward temporary parking permits for visitors will be limited to 25 per day, not to exceed 100 in total per month. Visitor parking permits will be issued for up to five days and are not to exceed a total of 15 calendar days per month. Residents may request permits up to five days in advance. The permits will continue to expire at noon following the last effective date of the permit.

There’s a financial plus to those who own their own cars. The yearly residential and guest permits will now be prorated to 50 percent of the cost after six months into the permit renewal cycle. So if you move to district 7R seven month after renewing your permit in district 6R, you’ll only have to pay one half of the standard fee,

  1. All West Hollywood streets should be permit only! I live on one of the unpermited street- except for the North part of the street , deemed ” historical” and due to several factors the vast number of the long term neighbors refuse to sign the petition to meet the city requirement for permitting . How do you get people afraid of police, immigration , people that rarely speak to anyone outside their nationality or older citizens that don’t drive etc , to sign the petition ? many refuse for fear of retaliation. They don’t get it impacts the rest of us.
    We get all the restaurant workers for the Saddle Ranch and Connie & Ted’s AND all the dredges that know they can park unhindered on our street ! As a thanks , they so kindly leave us their empty booze bottles, bags of trash , vomit , etc etc. One city, one voice , my ass!!

  2. Larry, you’ll make it more difficult for all of us to find parking if you make meters free. Meters are used to circulate parking availability fairly by using time limits.

    If you live want to visit a friend in another parking district, they give you a guest permit… big deal.

    We don’t live in the suburbs.

  3. PART ONE – Parking rules much the same as in 1990 except that now one must pay to park. Residents, that is. PART TWO – How do construction companies obtain permits for all their sub-contractors? For the past several months as many at seven pickup and work vans are on 8700 block of Dorrington every day. Parking enforcement comes by once in a while. But, the real question is shouldn’t the principal contractor provide permits for subs? Please don’t tell me to call code enforcement. The answer lies in Building and Safety dept. and must be consistent. Consider how many building projects are ion the works and how contractor parking affects visitor – people who spend money – parking needs. I’m using my comment on these pages as part of a public dialogue, not finger-pointing or whining.

  4. This is a good new policy that will better manage the abuse of guest permits.

    The only difference now will be that more residents will now get back the parking spaces that have been hoarded by the abusers.

    Once again West Hollywood continues to manage and enforce our street parking better and fairer than any other densely populated city.

  5. One of my campaign proposals that had a lot of support was the All-City Parking Pass. It would allow your residential parking pass to be used throughout the city to Eat, Shop and Play.. as the chamber of commerce says. The All-City Parking Pass would allow residents to shop local stores and visit friends without paying the meter or needing a visitor pass if you need to park to visit a friend.

  6. It baffles me no end how the City has “nationalized” our residential streets under the guise of “protecting” us by “reducing” un-welcome un-invited parkers from “taking away” our curbside parking spaces. In turn for such benevolence they charge us up the ass for the “privilege” of receiving the “permit” to park on our streets and for the additional convenience of “buying” up to two Visitor Parking passes instead of trudging to City Hall or Kings Road to get “free” visitor passes for defined days. Now they are taking away any run-arounds people may have had to avoid paying those exorbitant fees. Add that to the near police state patrolling by meter maids of all streets to issue citations at $58 + a pop for any and all infractions – and presto – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the CITY MAKES $13 MILLION a year on our “Parking Police State.” And for that we are a “progressive” City.

    Oy Vey

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