Deputies Involved in WeHo Fatal Crash Are Identified

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Matt Ahrari
L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Ahrari

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station today released the names of the two deputies involved in a fatal patrol car crash on Santa Monica Boulevard on Oct. 15. The deputy who was driving the patrol car was Matt Ahrari, a 10-year veteran with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department who has spent four years working at the department’s West Hollywood Station. Riding with him was Robert Sandoval, a nine-year Sheriff’s department veteran who is assigned to the Los Angeles County Medical Center at the University of Southern California.

Lt. David Smith of the West Hollywood station said both deputies have been released from the hospital and currently are at home recovering.

The deputies were injured when they were responding to a complaint of an attack by one spouse on another. A patrol car driven by Ahrari went out of control and crossed the sidewalk on the south side of Santa Monica Boulevard near the entrance to the MTA bus depot. The car hit two pedestrians, Jonathan Peña, 27, and Michael Fong, 39. Peña died as a result of the crash and Fong remains hospitalized. The crash was so severe that emergency rescue workers were called to extract the deputies from their car. They were taken to the hospital where they were listed as being in critical condition.

Meanwhile, friends and family members of Peña have announced that a memorial service will be held for him at Rose Hills Mortuary, 3888 Workman Mill Rd., in Whittier from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday.

  1. Wow Erik that’s quite harsh. You are free to start your own website you know. In the meantime, if you don’t like this one, why are you here???

  2. youre still a terrible editor. you will not print any story that says anything negative about the cops.

    karma will get you soon and wehoville will be history for your bad reporting, withholding opinions and basically copying and pasting the patch news

  3. Again. Someone died here. Can we please move on. I’m still lost as to who is at fault or how this could have happened. They were going so fast to domestic violence call that they lost control?

  4. de·pot
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    “an arms depot”
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    a railroad or bus station.
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    Fine, just go away. Hank is right, you are wrong and each time you post just reconfirming your ignorance.

  5. @fine7760 “To bad Hank and the others can’t read.” Too bad fine7760 doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that there is a difference between “to” and “too.”

  6. Chris , there is a rather large sign outside of the Bus Division as to its identity. To bad Hank and others can’t read.

    And tell exactly where one purchases a ticket and boards a bus within Division 7. Should one call the West Hollywood Sheriffs Station “the county jail?” It’s not a bus depot, it’s an operating division and is so identified.

  7. Fine – go away. Far, far away. Debot, bus stop, bus area, etc. Who cares? Look up the word “relevant” and then realize that your comments are not relevant to this story.

  8. Fine – you are making a fool of yourself. Depot is an appropriate description. Hank is an excellent editor and writer and knows the English language better than you. You are also trivializing a tragic event with this nonsense.

  9. Such a shame that a nice article is flawed due to it’s authored by someone with poor reading skills. There is no MTA Depot on Santa Monica Bl. The only MTA Bus Depot I know of is in El Monte.

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