One Arrested in Knife Attack at WeHo’s Z Pizza

zpizza logoA man was arrested by West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies in the early hours of yesterday morning after attacking two customers of Z Pizza on Santa Monica Boulevard with a knife.

According to Lt. Nancy McGauley, the man was arrested on San Vicente Boulevard in front of the West Hollywood Library. The man and woman wounded in the attack, which occurred around 2 a.m., drove themselves to a hospital for treatment, McGauley said. It is unclear what the man who was arrested will be charged with.

  1. Perhaps it was just the way it was worded that got our panties in a bunch. If it said charges pending…or something to that effect. They way it was worded sounded as if no one had any idea why they even bothered to arrest the guy. I support the WH Sheriff’s Dept. Happy to hear the two victims are going to be ok. (How’s that for a non-hysterical reaction Chirs?) 😉

  2. There does seem to be a sharp (see what I did there?) increase in violence on this strip of Weho in recent months. Wonder if the Sheriff’s dept will increase their presence here during prime restaurant/bar business hours.

  3. Michael Dunn of course is right. The know-nothingness of some of the comments here is ridiculous. Someone did something threatening and violent. The sheriff’s dept immediately responded and made an arrest. Everything was done right here, yes we get the usual hysterical reactions that have nothing to do with the reality of this incident.

  4. Maybe if you al wait and see the outcome of the investigation, you will know what they will charge the suspect!!! Remember the victims were able to drive themselves to the hospital, so the injury was not life threatening, how can they charge him with ATTEMPT MURDER??? Maybe they were waiting to hear from the victims and doctors and see if they will charge him with assault with deadly weapon? Assault with great bodily injury? Hate crime? felon with a deadly weapon??? Who knows???? Stop jumping to the conclusion so fast!!!!!! Why don’t you live in LAPD area and see how they will treat you!! I used to live in LAPD area, they hardly show up!!!! I am glad I live here now

  5. Hello???!!! I said the same thing “Z”…”it’s unclear what the man who was arrested will be charged with”??!! ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!! or, perhaps there is a more politically correct term we are now using for people that break that law.

  6. It’s darkly comedic how having a police station right there doesn’t deter any of the violent incidents. It’s as if everyone knows that means nothing at all. Even if the police station had windows facing Z Pizza, it probably wouldn’t make a difference. I guess it’s hopeless. Carry your own knives or pepper spray.

  7. “It is unclear what the man who was arrested will be charged with.”
    Uh… about ATTEMPTED MURDER??!!! What the hell is wrong with our Sheriff’s Dept? Unacceptable protection and aftermath, right across the street from the station. Between this incident and that of neighbor Larry Workman, something must be done about response and aftermath of violent and serious incidents in our neighborhood!

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