Ettman Campaign Mailer Implies GOP Endorsement

A campaign mailing seeming to offer a Republican endorsement of Cole Ettman.
A campaign mailing seeming to offer a Republican endorsement of Cole Ettman.

With the West Hollywood City Council election now only two days away, those paper mailers are falling like snow (something you can see in Aspen) from residents’ mailboxes.


Ettman campaign envelope with "jury duty" alert.
Ettman campaign envelope with “jury duty” alert.

The more interesting ones include a mailer implying an official Republican Party endorsement of candidate Cole Ettman and another from the Ettman campaign that some recipients have interpreted as a jury service notice.

The Republican mailer, paid for by Ettman’s campaign, includes a quote from Scott Hart, who identifies himself as founder of “Continuing the Republican Revolution.”

“Cole Ettman has shown an ongoing commitment to making West Hollywood a better place to live and work. Cole, a small business owner, is an innovative leader whose experience and integrity deserves the vote of every Republican in West Hollywood,” the mailer says.

WEHOville could not reach Republican Party officials this morning. But Hart’s “Continuing the Republican Revolution” is a Newport Beach political mailer company that has been criticized by party officials for mailers that wrongly imply Republican Party endorsement of candidates and issues. Ettman ran as a Democrat in his 2004 race for a state Senate seat in New York that resulted in his being sued for campaign finance violations. He does not own a small business but rather manages the Beverly Hills office of a law firm.

A recent mailer from candidate Heidi Shink sparked another political brouhaha because of its seeming claim that she was being endorsed by L.A. County Assessor Jeffrey Prang, the former West Hollywood City Council member whose seat is up for election on Tuesday. Prang, who has not endorsed anyone in the Tuesday election, objected that a statement of general support that he made about Shink in March was included in the mailer.

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  1. Hi Cole: Your sign planter was busy as ever at 8:00 am planting a multitude of CE signs in front of Block signs across from the voting location @ Crescent Heights & Fountain. Desperate measures lol.

  2. I don’t care about this cher stuff. But I read about the handshake refusal and Larry Blocks involvement and people told me its true he did try to broker peace. At the start of the election I really disliked Larry but after talking to the other three candidates he seems like the most well intentioned of the three. I am probably gonna vote for Larry.

  3. As of election eve over 2000 absentee ballots have been returned to the City Clerk’s office. Close if not over 2100. This campaign, a well funded campaign, an overly funded campaign is irving what we’d like to not believe about politics and votes and that they can be bought. Like Coke or Pepsi a good ad wins. I’ve known John Heilman as long as there has been a City. I’ve been an avid supporter. I walked door to door in 2007 with John for hours (there is no need to knock on every door, its public record who actual voters are). I know how well calculated these campaigns are. This year, with $300,000 backing you, that’s a lot of calculating. The bigger the buildings the bigger the property tax bill.
    If I might project or predict, by the next city election, less than two years away, the storefronts of The Huxley, The Dylan (all three sides) The building next to the Dylan and the Movie Town Plaza will not be half full. The Eastend of town will look like the Midwest. There isn’t enough consumer base to support this much retail space. Time will tell.
    But there’s not much time to the election Polls open this morning at 7). And I just cannot help but feel the city will be fine no matter who wins the ballot. I think we will be better off completely what was started March 3rd and put new faces on council for this 2 year seat.
    John went off track completely after the 2011 election. His refusal to shake hands with John D’Amico for two years was childish. His right and left hand Fran Solomon was more harm then help these past four years. It’d time. The best shot at replacing the council and voting for Cher’s choice.

  4. Guess what Disco? Tomorrow the voters can democratically decide whether they’d like him to serve on the council. If he wins, “blame” the voters, not John Heilman. He was opposed to term limits. He never said that once they passed, he wouldn’t run again. For a few hours, when he still thought he’d prevail in the March election, he made one comment quoted here that he didn’t plan to run in June if he lost. He changed his mind. I and many other WeHo voters are happy he did.

    Let me ask you – John D’Amico has said on numerous occasions that he will serve only two terms. If he changes his mind, will you be on him non-stop about this? (For the record, I have zero issue if he does). He also initially opposed term limits (that’s on the record), then signed the petition (still saying he opposed them), then backed them. So what?

    Seriously, if this is the best you have against Heilman (and I think you’ve posted one version of this or another 20+ times), then you are doing him a favor – anyone reading here would take the case against him as being very weak.

  5. While Ettman’s recent flyer seems to be rather misleading, there are other matters pertaining to his candidacy which give me great pause. But NOT the greatest pause because that is reserved for John Heilman, the candidate who STEADFASTLY said “ELCECTIONS ARE TERM LIMITS” and then goes back on his word NO matter how many people supposedly “begged” him to run again. Heilman, apparently, is a man of NO principle.

  6. A lot of the anti-Heilman bloc remembers WeHoNews and its publisher’s open endorsement of and slanting articles to an anti-council stance. I recall when I posted there a number of my comments opposing his views didn’t get published. Now that there is a fair, knowledgeable arbiter/editor reporting the news and informing the readers of facts, they get upset.

    Shink supporters – point out a single inaccuracy about the reporting on her. Publishing facts isn’t bias – its this site’s duty.

    Is the site biased against John Duran? If you think it’s biased against Shink and Ettman, by your standards it’s much more biased against him with all the negative stuff posted about his activities. (It’s not of course – that also has been fair).

  7. There’s no bias. Wehoville is simply reporting what’s happening. It’s not the fault of the writer where the political blunders are.

  8. Oh, and K.G. This website did make an endorsement. Look at its front page. It has endorsed candidates who don’t lie or break the law.

  9. K.G. This website is biased because it reports documented illegal activities by political candidates and catches them in documented lies? Isn’t that what reporters are supposed to do? Is John Heilman being investigated for illegal campaign activities? Are people saying he is lying about his membership in organizations or involvement in certain public activities? Do tell. I bet wehoville would like to know. Sounds like you and Frank G. are upset because the people you are backing are being called out for lying and breaking the law.

  10. Frank D — you’re not alone in your observations. It’s unsettling and a big turn off when a ‘news’ source seems to take on a political bias but doesn’t come into the sunshine and make an officially endorsement. Lots of newspapers make political endorsements – I’m not a fan of that either but it seems way more worthy of trust and to be taken way more seriously than to be covert and manipulative about it while feigning neutrality and slipping in their bias into practically everything that is written.

  11. I just couldn’t resist this one. All I keep thinking is ‘who the heck is Cole Ettman and when did he suddenly become a multi-faceted advocate for causes in our city. I confess, for the last 15 months, I have been unable to attend Weho City Council meetings because of illness, so I can’t speak about what went on in the meetings that occured during my hospital visits. I did, however, watch many on TV. Prior to this time I was a regular for at least a couple of years. Prior to the active campaign period, Cole Ettman was not someone I ever remember seeing at those meetings, so I find that the claims of his being responsible, and leader of ‘the getting the off leash dog park’ movement a bit surprising since it really started over at Plummer Park and many of us gave a voice to that cause.

    I could go on, but my point is made. Its almost comical if it wasn’t so damn annoying and a total waste of paper to read some of the bull in all of the shiny mailers I received over the last couple of weeks. My gut reaction is to just boycott the election and encourage everyone else to do the same. Imagine the headline “what if you held a city council election and NOBODY came”. It would serve them right. My convictions of the importance of voting and express my opinion forbid me from taking the aforementioned action.

  12. @Cole. All it took was a quick Google search for me to find out that the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” guy has been nailed in the past for campaign violations. No wonder you chose him! What a great match!

    Also, I think you have a reading comprehension problem. The story I read doesn’t say the mailer said the Republican Party endorsed you. It says the mailer “implies” the GOP is endorsing you. While you might not read it that way, the story provides a link to another situation where a similar mailer by the same guy pissed off Republican leaders, who did read it that way. They said they thought Hart’s mailer led voters to believe they were endorsing a candidate.

    The mailer from your campaign says you are a “business owner.” You say you “have owned” a variety of small businesses. Are you a business owner now, like the mailer says? Or not? What other businesses have you owned other than the one where you were sued for $90,000 for not paying what you owed?

  13. Of note:

    Cole – It’s unsettling when you’re trailed by lawsuits pertaining to elections in NYC that you seem to be associated with someone who has documented election lawsuit issues here

    Hart seems to be a Newport Beach Republican (mostly conservative) political consultant. What relevance does his endorsement have for West Hollywood voters? It’s perplexing on multiple levels that you spotlight this.

    We already have a Republican as Lauren Meister’s deputy, the purely Republican concept of term limits in place. Did I miss something – are all the new wealthy NIMBY residents Republicans, and are they enough to give you a chance to win?

    These are valid questions which you deserve a chance to answer.

  14. The late, great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own set of facts.”

    Here are the facts:

    1. The Ettman mailer says Cole is “the best choice for Republicans” It does not say that I have sought or received the endorsement of the Republican Party. (By the way you left the word “endorsement” out of the second line of what is poorly written attempt at news coverage.

    2. Yes, Cole Ettman manages a law firm, but I have owned and continue to be involved in the management of a variety of small businesses.

    3. Jury Duty is a responsibility. So is fair and accurate reporting.

    If you want to support John Heilman, fine, support John Heilman. But let’s not act like we’re covering this election in a manner that is responsible and lives up to our historic tradition of a free and impartial media.

    You are entitled to you opinions Hank, We all are. but there’s only one set of facts.

  15. Google “Continuing the Republican Revolution” and take a look at the negative listings about that organization. The fact that Ettman is getting in bed with folks like this speaks volumes.

  16. Chris, I got the Jury Duty thing and not for a second did I think it was a summons. I appreciate you admitting that you are easily fooled and I now understand how you could support Heilman. Thank you for your honesty, its refreshing to read on this site.

  17. Frank – I see zero sign of bias. Hank is reporting the news. That includes reporting on Heilman’s campaign funding from construction companies, his biggest vulnerability. Lots of anti-Heilman voices are heard here, including op-ed pieces. That letting us know that Shink and Ettman have serious issues that need to be known and judged is an invaluable asset to this city. WeHoVille has done a great job covering this campaign.

    The jury notice thing I fell for, including some brief worry that this was what it was. It seemed desperate – I can’t imagine that a lot of folks were not happy to be fooled. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

    The best result for the city would be a 1-2 finish for Heilman and Block, the only two who have conducted themselves honorably. That would have a therapeutic impact on those who, for whatever reasons, have backed the other two and come up with some of these cheap tricks.

  18. Hank your support for HEILMAN is so transparent. You should be ashamed. Picking on a piece of mail from someone or group supporting a candidate? Seriously? I’m reading the piece of mail and no where does it claim that he is officially endorsed. This is a new low for you hank. How much is Heilman paying you and in Heidi mail it says support not endorsed. Political gamesmanship is one thing. Your being in tank for candidates is another. Why not discuss your misleading ad sales.

  19. All I know is I am tired of all the mailers clogging up the small apartment mailbox I have. Every day, there are multiple mailers from Ettman and Heilman, and now Block filling it. I have already voted by mail, so they all go straight into the trash.

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