WeHo City Council Candidate Forum on Wednesday

June-Election-CandidatesIf reading the campaign mailers filling your mailbox or littering your front steps hasn’t been exciting enough for you, you’ll have each of the four candidates in the June 2 West Hollywood City Council election making his or her own pitch live at a forum on Wednesday.

The forum will held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. south of Santa Monica. It will be staged with the help of the League of Women Voters.

The candidates are community activist and business owner Larry Block, law firm manager Cole Ettman, former Councilmember John Heilman and writer Heidi Shink.

Given that the event is a forum and not a debate, the candidates will be asked to answer questions but won’t likely be pressed to explain their stands on various issues. Those interested also can find the forum on Time Warner Cable channel 10 ot AT&T U-verse channel 99. It also can be viewed on www.youtube.com/wehotv and on the city’s website at www.weho.org/wehotv.

  1. The audacity of Heilman, sitting there offering “solutions” for problems he helped create & ignored after 30 years on the City Council & trying to tell voters why he’s “qualified” to be in a position they just voted him out of. His “answers” were repetitious rhetoric. You can only fool some of the people some of the time

  2. I hope they address the robo garage. In hindsight this is more a robo-fraud. And ironically whoever wins the seat will have her name put on the dedication plate. The citizens were sold this $16 million dollar project (already cost bumped to $18 before the ribbon is cut) by a silly video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMWki9Ssdh4
    sadly it looks nothing like this, especially the wide berth to pull into park. Laughable.
    1- Will citizens still visit City Hall and park there for free?
    2- How much will citizens be expected to pay for the high tech white elephant.
    3- It’s a well known secret that there are plans for yet another new City Hall closer to the money, I mean to the west side of weho. Then this $18 million dollar mongoose will really be rued.
    4- have any of you done the math? There were 66 parking spaces prior to this boondoggle. There will be 200 when completed. That’s a net gain of 134 spaces. Or nearly $135,000 per space.
    With the Sheriff’s contract growing is it time to revisit the West Hollywood Police Department?
    5- Has everyone on this thread seen 1342 Hayworth lately? Drive down that street. That alone is reason enough not to go backwards in this election.
    Should WEHO pass a NO PAC ordinance and be the lead in fighting Citizens United to the Supreme Court? (They’ve done a lot more fringe issues than most cities)
    We need to continue the change at City Hall. John Heilman was the right choice for leading weho in the 20th century.
    It is now 2015.
    It is time to stop the Heilmanization of West Hollywood

  3. I hope the League of Women Voters will ask WHY land & heilman wouldn’t even respond to a feature article by the LA Weekly about an election in West Hollywood, prior to the last time they were elected. WHY?

  4. If they “won’t likely to explain their views” why should we attend? We can get headlines and bs in their printed materials.

  5. Do not be misinformed. On election day June 2. You man ONLY chose one (1) candidate to mark your ballot. Do not be influenced if someone tells you its ok to choose two. This will invalidate your ballot.

    There are four candidates but only vote for one as indicated on your ballot. I recommend John Heilman.

    If you agree or not mark only one candidate. Make every vote count!

  6. someone should ask if they’re SO freaking concerned about the environment, how come they are all using a CRAZY amount of paper for all their mailers and signage around town. Then these bozos will tout how environmentally friendly they are. Such hypocrites.

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