Kelly Osbourne Settles Suit with Landlord of Empire West

Kelly Osbourne and her former landlord settled dueling lawsuits in which she sought return of her security deposit and he alleged she left the West Hollywood condominium she rented from him in disarray.

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne’s attorneys filed court papers with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield on Monday asking that the litigation between Osbourne and Arshea Harrison Refoua be dismissed. No terms were divulged, but the
documents state that each side will pay their own costs and fees.

Refoua filed the countersuit in last July, alleging that the 30-year-old singer and former “Fashion Police” presenter left the condo, which is in the Empire West building at 1100 Alta Loma Rd. near Holloway, in a state of “`filth, damages and disgust” in April 2013 and that costly repairs had to be made.

Refoua claimed Osbourne put holes in walls, dragged heavy objects across the hardwood floors and allowed her dog to relieve itself throughout the condominium. The suit also alleged Osbourne allowed a bathtub to overflow and
cause flooding damage. Refoua’s countersuit alleges the costs to fix the condo after Osbourne left exceeded the $18,700 deposit she sought when she started the litigation by suing her ex-landlord for breach of contract in September 2013.

Osbourne, the daughter of the famous Ozzie Osbourne and a “reality” TV star in her own right claimed her landlord never checked the unit before she moved in and sued her for damages that she didn’t cause. The condo building has housed other celeb tenants such as Adam Lambert, Brody Jenner and Lindsay Lohan.

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5 years ago

So easy for a landlord to try and extort money from tenants especially if they’re well known and a gullible public is likely to believe anything a scandal hungry media puts out there. And Cy Husain – are you saying a person is not allowed to have a home in a particular region just because they are famous or a celebrity? Hardly a great way to promote public housing projects by suggesting other people shouldn’t be allowed to rent an apartment for no good reason. And I say that as a lawyer who ran a tenancy advice and advocacy service… Read more »

Disco Dan
Disco Dan
5 years ago

Methinks Kelly may have made a mess, just look at what the dogs did in the MTV series.

Cy Husain
Cy Husain
5 years ago

It just goes to show that West Hollywood should just quit renting to all these crazy celebrities and, support Public Housing Projects in order to get more socially responsible residents!

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