The Sunset Strip Gives Up Sass for Class with Arts Club Replacing Hustler

It looks like the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard at Hilldale is yielding some sass for class.

The Arts Club in London
The Arts Club in London

According to the celebrity news site TMZ, Gwyneth Paltrow has purchased the site where the Hustler adult store now stands and plans to turn it into an upscale private club.

TMZ says the actor and her business partner, Gary Landesburg, plan to demolish the Hustler building, noted in part for its “porn star walk of fame“, which features the handprints and footprints of ten adult film icons such as Jenna Jameson, John Stagliano and Ron Jeremy (we’re seeing a petition to the Historic Preservation Commission soon). They will replace it with a version of London’s Arts Club, of which Landesburg is chairman and Paltrow is a member. The members-only London Arts Club was founded in 1863 by a group that included Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope.

While the Arts Club in London is exclusive and expensive (membership is said to cost $2,000 a year), its dress code is relatively relaxed like that of the Soho House, also founded in London, whose 13 locations include one at 9200 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. TMZ notes that the London Arts Club is home to a restaurant and lounge and prohibits swearing. To become a member one must be nominated by an existing member and participate in or have an interest in art, literature or science.

  1. Maybe the problem with West Hollywood is that we’re all too nice. Maybe to keep all the well-heeled riff-raff at bay, we need to start showering less often, swilling our liquor, and dressing more shabbily. Then we can keep WeHo for the Wehovillians and keep out everyone else who wants to turn the city over into their “private” anything.

  2. How any rational West Hollywood resident, or at least my neighbors who live near Sunset west of San Vicente, wouldn’t be pleased with this clear improvement to the area is beyond me. But around here, I understand that certain people need to reject everything as a kneejerk reaction. Very sad.

  3. Well, another club I (1) won’t be able to afford and (2) wouldn’t want to go to. I suppose it’s a good investment for the Sunset Strip. It will be right next door to the luxury hotel that is supposedly being built in the vacant lot between Hilldale and Hammond on the south side of Sunset. So you will be able to walk from your expensive hotel next door to Gwyneth’s ultra-pretentious private club, get drunk at the bar and then stumble back to your hotel room with the Gwyneth look-alike you picked up at the bar. Fabulous.

  4. what a snore. paltrow literally has got to be the most pretentious and boring actress of our time. she also stole her oscar from Cate Blanchett.

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