Woman Stabbed on Fountain near Sweetzer in WeHo

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 7.19.16 PMA woman was stabbed as she walked down a street in West Hollywood this morning, and the woman suspected of attacking her was taken into custody, authorities said.

Investigators do not believe the victim knew the woman who stabbed her at about 11 a.m. on Fountain Avenue near Sweetzer Avenue, Sgt. Lance Eddins of the sheriff’s West Hollywood Station said. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and was expected to survive, he said.

The suspect was in the process of being booked, Eddins said. He did not know either woman’s age.

  1. If I don’t hear something and soon out of one of these candidates addressing the uptick in crime (and tagging now too) it will speak volumes… And it won’t have a pretty tune for them in the end. Another reason to ditch the old (Heilman) and consider the new. And as for DiAmico – I’m a fan but I want to hear from YOU on this and how it effects the Eastside. I’m waiting… I Can’t hear you. This is BS. Getting worse each day. Move it people (city council). Our own Police force idea would be ideal in a perfect world but the costs and the pension issues and costs would bankrupt us overnight. Trust me, we want no part of that. But making the LACSD work harder should be a no brainer. I was inspired last month by the Neighborhood Watch article Hank published and I was moved to call City Hall and I signed up. My First meeting is in March. I recommend you do the same if you don’t have one already activated. Brian

  2. i have said repeatedly that the city policy for dealing with the belligerent homeless was atrocious, and yet west hollywood has a horrible problem with growing homelessness and crime. we are not immune from the problems other cities face, and frankly, we are a city within a city and the counsel pretends we are in oz.
    i hope the woman who was attacked recovers and can have peace in her heart and mind.
    a hard line needs to be taken but that is politically intolerable thought-speak in this town.

  3. They wanted a Big City, and now they have Big City problems which they are not willing to deal with them. City Council elections are March 3, 2015. Please vote everyone. Please do some research before you vote.

  4. West hollywood is a lie. West need to get rid of the sheriffs and get a west hollywood police dept. Not hire sheriffs that do NOT live anywhere near here and could care less about our safety and the crazy drugged out homeless. They make you feel like you’re bothering them when you call….

    santa monica passed a sit and lie ordinance….we should as well

  5. and yet we hear CRICKETS from our city council who are scared for weho to get painted with a brush of being unsafe cause if it got out that this woman was stabbed in broad daylight, or that the guy last week was bashed in a hate crime at 2am, there go the tourists and the city’s precious dollars.

  6. Palm Ave in particular has become a transient center. Homeless live on that street and sleep in some apartment complex common areas, or outside of them. I’ve seen some of the younger ones wandering the streets at night looking for “parties” to crash.

    Not to mention the part of Santa Monica Blvd from the car wash to Tender Greens has become a mini skid row.

  7. West hollywood has become a haven for disturbed homeless people who account for a lot of the violent crime. They make the library and the parks feel dangerous, they are often threatening and verbally abusive. It’s time for sheriffs department do something about it. I’m tired of as a resident being accosted and made to feel afraid.

  8. Considering the high volume of violent attacks, muggings, and theft – and the huge drive to boast West Hollywood as immensely walkable – it would seem it is time to think about how to protect all the citizens and guests who are walking. Do we start installing cameras like Hollywood did in the 80s and 90s to discourage drug sales or is that an invasion of our privacy? Do we increase funding for foot and bike patrol by the police? I do know from recent experience as a theft victim (over $5k in property) that there are zero resources to follow up – even when there are multiple thefts in the same vicinity – and when there are no consequences, there’s no incentive to stop.

    West Hollywood also has a habit of burying the news about the crime. The idea of promoting and encouraging a citywide Neighborhood Watch Program might seem alarmist at first – and even scare some residents and visitors – but knowledge is power and if we don’t know the crime is happening then we’re not going to see it when it does.

  9. It’s not just Weho…it’s everywhere. Watch the news. The first 15 minutes are all about who was shot or killed. It’s apparent to me our city is less safe. Criminals aren’t afraid to commit crimes and have a car chase for the fun of it. These things are commonplace in our society now. We’ve created Weho to be a destination in LA. With clubs, bars, restaurants, the lure of celebrities…and the ongoing acceptance of the LGBT…it lures people. We’ve overpriced our market to bring in people that aren’t part of our “family”. Built expensive condo’s & mixed use developments. Now we must pay the price.

  10. Agreed. Well, I don’t avoid West Hollywood because I live, work and play in it, but it’s getting less safe. Too many weirdos, druggies and out of area people looking for trouble. They’re getting bolder and scarier.

  11. I avoid West Hollywood as much as possible. I don’t feel safe there. In addition to the high crime rate, traffic and parking suck. I can’t think of anything good to say about West Hollywood. Too many tweeking queens!

  12. I’ll say it again: WTF is happening in West Hollywood with crime!? I can’t just be my imagination. There seems to be more crime. Echo Park is safer than this crime-ridden craphole.

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