City Council to Consider Dog Park Options Ranging from $700,000 to $1.15 Million

How much is that WeHo doggie park? The one filled with waggly tails? Well, that will depend on the City Council, which will be presented with five options Monday night for an off-leash dog area in West Hollywood Park ranging from $700,000 to $1.15 million.

west Hollywood park, off leash dogsThe city’s Community Development Department is recommending that the Council choose an option that would cost $750,000 and provide two distinct areas for dogs, both located east of the basketball courts on the north end of the park and adjacent to San Vicente Boulevard.

One of the areas would be for small dogs and the other for larger dogs. All together, the dog area would cover 8,600 square feet in the park, which will be cover about eight acres when the second phase of its redevelopment is completed.

An earlier redevelopment plan presented to the City Council in July did not include an area where dogs could play off leash, but did include play areas for small children. That promoted an objection by Mayor John D’Amico, who complained about what he called the city’s “institutional fetishization of kids.”

“We have 400 kids who live in this city, and we have 30,400 adults who have dogs,” D’Amico said, asking why children were given dedicated park space and dogs weren’t. Children make up roughly five percent of the city’s population of a little more than 34,000 people.

The city conducted a study of options for a dog park and presented its findings to the Council in October. The options the Council will consider Monday night are revisions to those earlier proposals.

The least expensive of the five options would enclose the lawn west of the existing basketball courts and also use the area north of the courts as a dog run. Construction of a dog park in that 7,600 square foot area would cost an estimated $700,000.

The most expensive option would encompass the area east of the basketball courts and the eastern most court itself. The existing concrete basketball court would be demolished and replaced with artificial turf. That $14,250 square foot dog park would cost an estimated $1.15 million.

The dog park and proposed additional parking spaces are the reason for a recommended $4.25 million increase in the $85.8 million budget for the redevelopment.

The Council will consider the proposal at its meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday night at the Council Chambers at 625 N. San Vicente Blvd, south of Santa Monica.

  1. Ask a dog what a park should look like… if they could speak (English) they would say something along the lines of: A big space where I can smell, play, and poop wherever I wish.

    Anything above that is human vanity. I think we can lower the price and still have a fantastic dog park. (Man, I wish I was a developer!)

  2. Hart Park is used by hundreds of people on a daily basis and they just replaced all of the wood chips. Some of us are very happy to have this park, With that said, the city could definitely use 2 more dog parks for the # of apartment/condo dugs who live in WeHo. Especially since green space is becoming a premeium with all of these Mega Over-Developments being constructed and those in the planning stages.

  3. Where are the options? Hart Park is a joke. It is always muddy and too small for both big and small dogs. The bark is disgusting.

  4. Residents should OPPOSE the staff recommendation of “MODIFIED OPTION 2”. It’s too small and confines dogs to a narrow space.

    Please SUPPORT “OPTION 3 or 5”

    Those two options offer a useful and appropriately sized park that can accommodate areas for both large and small dogs in an open space where they can run and chase.

  5. No BARK! Some dogs eat it and it can make them sick. Plus it’s just dirty, especially when wet, and it’s very difficult to find the poop. Grass or plain dirt.

  6. Please come to council on Monday night and repeat your comments…..insist on an appropriately sized, open and useful dog park…..NOT a narrow strip of grass as suggested in the staff report.

    The staff recommendation (growl) is NOT what we want and need.

  7. Hart Park Dog Park is a good size dog park for the neighborhood. It’s big enough so that dog “guardians” (as weho mandates istead of “owners”) can get to their dogs qucikly in case of a fight and to prevent too much injury if any. With that said, usage at West Hollywood Park would be much higher than Hart so it should be at least 3 times the size of Hart with a separate small dog area. The “dog run” idea is not a good one. Dog parks give our best friends the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, chase balls (or their tails) and maintain a sense of fulfillment/contentment.Dog runs are for homeowners with limited space in their yards who desire a locked/protected area for their pet, but dogs typically don’t run back and forth in long lanes. The dog park budget should include an appropriate height fence (Hart’s is too short), multiple water taps and bowls in both the large and small parks, grass or wood chips for ground cover, irrigation system, trees planted or something to shade at least part of these areas from the hot sun, trash cans and dog waste containers, and benches for the humans.

  8. West Hollywood is one of the most dense cities in the country and more dogs per household at in the top. I welcome the off-leash dog park and the option that affords West Hollywood dog guardians and park users the option on the agenda that allows the most space for this amenity. Its sensible and should be done.

    Looking forward to 2015 and the campaign, when Plummer Park come to the table and design plan, it to must have an off-leash dog park.

  9. It’s just amazing to me we spend $86 million dollars on a park…and just now we think to add a dog park. There is absolutely no planning or thought involved with this city or the developers/planners who create these plans. Did the planners include tree’s with our $86 Million park? We better double check the fine print. Tree’s and grass are probably extra.

  10. Let’s give our dogs the park they deserve. Many of us with dogs are as attached to them emotionally as people with children are to their children. There is really nowhere I nearby I can take my dog to run and play. We go to the park anyway. Usually that’s not a problem since there often are very few people on the big grassy lawn. I agree that this seems like a pretty hefty price tag, but do wonder how much is being spent on not one but two playgrounds in the park. And I do wonder if the playgrounds will be accessible. The ones we currently have are not. Maybe it will cost more to do that but don’t we want every child to be able to play?

  11. With the amount of dog owners in west hollywood west the idea of not having a dog area in the mega million, pork and barrel weho park project is concerning that now its having to be worked into the plan. In my opinion if should of been in the mix from day one, It appears to be coming with a big price tag, but that doesn’t surprise me with all the profit for the very few thats in this project.

  12. Is this a Heery International bid? just wondering……regardless, we NEED this doggie park….

  13. The option that the City is recommending to the council is not an appropriately sized or useful dog park. It is a half measure and only “tolerates” the request by the public for the inclusion of a dog park in this new grand park.

    Any useful and dog friendly dog park must be of adequate size and shape. This staff recommendation “Modified Option 2” does not satisfy that criteria.

    It is important that we don’t miss the opportunity to make this valuable amenity something truly worthwhile.

  14. Let’s get real. The city already owns all of the park. How much does it really cost to fence off a portion of the park for a dog area? $700,000 ? Are they proposing a gold plated fence? A couple of thousand dollars seem more realistic.

  15. I’m all for the dog parks, but I can’t believe it costs a minimum of $700,000 to fence in an area encompassing 7600 feet. That’s crazy!

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