New Housing for Low-Income Seniors Opens on Fairfax

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The Janet L. Witkin Center at 937 Fairfax Ave. in West Hollywood.

The Janet L. Witkin Center, an affordable housing development for seniors, formally opened its doors at a ceremony yesterday.

The Witkin Center, at 937 Fairfax Ave. near Romaine, offers 17 housing units for very low-income and chronically homeless seniors. Two of the Center’s units will be provided for seniors with vision or mobility issues. Six of the units will house formerly homeless seniors. A full-time service coordinator will be on-site as a resource to residents.

The Witkin Center is owned and managed by Affordable Living for the Aging, a nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to provide options for the elderly to live independent and productive lives. Construction of the center was made possible by $1.6 million in funding from California Bank & Trust. The Center is named for Affordable Living for the Aging’s founder.

  1. With all due respect, I must apologize to the memory of Janet L. Witkin and her vision for the needs of seniors. West Hollywood is a better place and perfect fit for the center that is named in her honor.

    The City’s demographics, housing needs, revenue resources (property tax-very low) make the Janet L. Witkin Center a perfect fit. West Hollywood can and will be a better place whenever very-low, low, and moderate are included in the City’s inclusionary Housing Program and West Hollywood Community Housing Corps. developments.

    Due to tax credits at state and federal levels, moderate is often lockout of large mixed-use developments. I mean moderate as detailed in the Inclusionary Housing Program.

    The moderate income levels and others are detailed in the current Housing Element 2013-2021. I think Holt and WehoFan should become familiar with its data, demographics and actual revenue status before professing what they think is West Hollywood and her needs.

    Property taxes being on the marginal side.

    Thank you Janet L. Witkin. Your facility is beautiful and so deeply appreciated especially by its residents and me.

  2. Dolan: don’t be weak. Stand by what u said, or better yet, what ur really saying. You’re parsing words: your use of the word “always” indicates mandatory. As in this instance, when discussing housing laws and development requirements, one doesn’t “Always” include anything without it having to be mandated as such.

    And ironically, if you had used your critical thinking skills you would have followed that I was referring to your submission and I quote (not paraphrase) “that we always include moderate income in large developements.” And then you go onto to agree with me after the fact by allowing that really it’s low income housing that takes priority; let me quote you again: there are 4000 people on the closed low and very low so it’s a must.” Bottom line you believe developers “must” and “always” but not be mandated (oh brutha) include low and moderated income in large (but not all large? Only some large?) developments where applicable. You lefty liberal socialist hack. Oh wait. That would be name calling like you did WehoFan.

    Your Ayn Rand attack on WeHoFan was just unjustified and out of line. By the way, where did that even come from? Apparently you can dish out the critiques but apparently not handle them.

    I’d be curious to know just how much your tax contribution during your earing years has been. Perhaps not as much (or next to nothing) compared to those of us who live in million dollar homes with electronic gates (which I’m proud to say I do). Cause if it had been you might better understand the fustration us Evil Rich Peole have at seeing their hard earned money wasted by dumb politicians and well meaning but ill informed do gooders.

    Perhaps West Hollywood was built for moderate income folks but it was not built just by them as you erroneously assert. And they certainly aren’t the backbone. A important vertebrae – sure. Backbone – no. Who do you think built and owns the housing you speak of? Who do you think builds the hotels and businesses that create and support our general fund? Who do you think buys the expensive homes and condos AND upgrade them so their value increases which in turrn benefits the City? Who do you think keeps this city awash in cash?

    If WeHoFan is Atn Rand! Then what does that make you? Stalin? Lenin? Or just an immature name caller. I suspect the latter.


    That’s All… (You’re dismissed)

  3. @Brian Holt: “paraphrasing,” now that is really stretching my statement but completely wrong. So don’t reword what you think I said. I spoke of moderate incomes to always be included in every large mixed-use development. There are 4000 people on the closed waiting list for very-low and low so yes, its a must and only a drop in the bucket but I did not say in every large development only its a must (where applicable) you used the word “mandatory” and “all housing development big or small.”

    Stop projecting and read using critical thinking.

    @WehoFan: What does your last comment have to do with anything about the Janet L. Witkin Center? Selfish and self-serving–Ayn Rand!

  4. Rudolph: I love the Witkin Center and what she has done. I support it and support more projects just like it. I also like that it utilized private capital and did not solely rely on the govt. I believe a community is best served when business supports those that support them – in a myriad of ways from sales to tax breaks to simply giving back. That said, I was commenting on Dolan’s notion that we should (paraphrasing here) always find a way to incorporate low income into large developments. I disagree with the “always.” While I agree West Hollywood should never turn its back on the less fortunate it also shouldn’t be mandatory to connect the two in all housing development big or small.

  5. @mikedolan What’s with the name-calling? Also, I “don’t qualify to live here”? That’s a strange thing to say. Who elected you? You can’t expect people to pay thousands of dollars to move into a new development when someone else gets to lease that same unit for free. That’s unsustainable. Do you pay property taxes to support these low income units? Because I sure do. You should be thanking me and my fellow home-owning West Hollywood residents for supporting these projects. PS: Try using less exclamation points. It weakens your argument. Cheers.

  6. I completely agree with Mike Dolan and Lynn, this building looks better than some of the oversized developments and we should encourage this kind of development in our city.
    There always will be plenty of housing for “hard-working residents who pay thousands of dollars in rent each month” and if they resent living in a diverse city they have plenty of less diverse areas to move to. Yes, the OC is one of them.

    WeHoFan and Brian Holt, I doubt you are seriously suggesting we should NOT allow a nonprofit that provides housing for low income seniors, blind, homeless or mobility impaired seniors?
    Relax, not a single one of your “tax dollars – which are plenty” are being used here, they are still going mostly to our endless wars, corporate welfare and a million “pork” programs that benefit large campaign contributors.

  7. @WehoFan: You are so transparent! Who are the “Many in our city?” You, in a room of mirrors? You represent exactly what Weho was not founded on or for! You can take your gated community mentality, self-interest are in the minority in our City. Let me guess, Right Wing, Conservative. Your selfish needs above all others with no consideration for the Human Condition. Yes, I know I’m right!

    Just to clarify, I did not say the City funded the Janet Witkin Center but was referring to West Hollywood’s fundamental principal of inclusion. If you reread the article, you don’t qualify to live here anyway. So don’t worry.

    But yes, I do believe the City’s General Plan of Inclusionary Housing. You don’t like it, Miss Ayn Rand, go to your gated community.

    Lastly, I was speaking for myself. If you think its preaching a political agenda then yes Ayn Rand facsimile, then yes we are naturally in conflict with each other. So, get your singular needs satisfied elsewhere!

    I suspect, one day like Ayn Rand, you’ll opt-in on Social Security?

    Meanwhile, Look forward to similar projects that meet the City’s Housing Objectives.

  8. @wehofan: here here. Last time I checked this a capitalist economy not socialist. My tax dollars – which are plenty – should be better allocated to assist the aged. Development for mid-low income housing needn’t be attached to every new housing development.

  9. @MikeDolan Speak for yourself and please preach your political agenda elsewhere. Many in our city don’t agree with your insistence that all developments include very-low income tenants. You cant expect hard-working residents to pay thousands of dollars in rent each month only to have the guy living next door paying absolutely nothing for a similar unit. Also, if you reread the article you will see that the project was funded by California Bank & Trust. A private organization. Not by the city.

  10. Absolutely! This is just a small drop in a huge bucket. The need for this type of project and inclusionary housing for all levels of income must be incentivized with small and large mixed-use developers. We need to creatively come up with a way, as a City, to always include moderate income (as detailed in the inclusionary housing program) in large developments.

    This City was built by moderate income households and is our backbone. Very low and low is a must. We cannot allow for income inequality to be West Hollywood.

    Great job on this project. Keep them coming!

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