‘Go Go Boy Interrupted’ Launches as ‘Uninterrupted’ Weekly Web Series

Comedian Jimmy Fowlie today takes his popular “Go Go Boy Interrupted” comedy sketch online with a weekly “uninterrupted” series.

Jimmy Fowlie in "Go Go Boy Interrupted."
Jimmy Fowlie in “Go Go Boy Interrupted.”

Fowlie, who has been involved in television and internet comedies such as The Joe Schmo Show, CollegeHumor Originals and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, is an alum of the Sunday Company at The Groundlings, the improvisational and sketch comedy troupe and school. Go Go Boy Interrupted, which he wrote and in which he played the leading role, was staged at The Groundlings in June.

It’s the story of a go go boy named Danny Carter, who at 30 finds himself aged out of his profession. Having spent the past decade dancing at LA’s hottest club, Carter must embark on a quest to find his “purpose.” But he discovers he has no skills after spending 12 years blacked out, doing body rolls on a box.

The concept for Go-Go Boy Interrupted was born out of Fowlie’s time as a go-go dancer while he pursued his BFA in Acting from USC (he describes both experiences as “major letdowns in terms of real world skills”). Fowlie had gotten swept up in the club scene and famously broke his arm in a fist fight which led to him go-go dancing with his arm in a cast. Although Fowlie did end up “retiring” his booty shorts, he always wondered: if a character is constantly relying on using his youth and sexuality as currency- what happens when he gets older? Is the party truly over?

You can follow the Go Go Boy Interrupted series (with a new video released each Tuesday) and read about the other members of its cast on its website.

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6 years ago

Get it Fowlie!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the series!!!