Let’s Share: WeHo Council Will Consider Requiring Public Restrooms to be ‘Gender Neutral’

restroom signLines may shorten at public restrooms in West Hollywood if the City Council on Monday approves a proposal by Abbe Land that would make “single stall” restrooms available to people of all genders.

In addition to benefitting women, who often wait in longer lines for a restroom than do men, gender-neutral restrooms would benefit transgender people and children accompanied by a parent of the opposite sex.


“Gender specific restrooms are unwelcoming and potentially unsafe for many people whose gender identity is outside of traditional gender norms,” Councilmember Land’s proposal says. “Specifically, for members of the transgender community public restrooms can be a highly stressful and potentially dangerous experience.”

Single stall restrooms are defined as those that are open to only one person at a time. Land’s proposal notes that it would be easy to implement, requiring only a change of signs on the restroom doors at city retailers, restaurants and bars.


A similar policy is in place in Washington D.C. In Philadelphia new buildings are required to include gender-neutral restrooms.   If the Council approves the proposal the City Attorney would draft an ordinance and the city’s Economic Development staff would seek feedback from the business community before the Council actually enacts the measure.



  1. @Erik you put the toilet seat down because that’s how toilets go. It’s not a gendered thing. Everyone poops sitting or squatting. Putting the toilet seat down is just normal behavior, nothing to freak out about.

    I think you need to visit the bathroom more often. You seem too uptight. Forget taking a number two, take a number eight and then remove the rod while you’re at it!

  2. There is no logical sense to have separate Men’s and Women’s single-use stalls other than for “tradition” or sexism (the two are likely interwoven).

    Most places in WeHo already have people of whatever gender using these single-use stalls without incident. At the end of the day, it is a person trying to relieve him or herself and why are we micro-managing how he or she can do that? Yes, the discussion of gender identity and feminism has created this — and it’s a good thing.

  3. I was in disperate need to use a the restroom in a Mc Donalds in Venice. After waiting about 10 to 15 minutes I ducked into the womens restroom which was single use also and empty. When I came out the look on the peoples faces was horror, a man in the womens restroom. I also noticed a line outside of the mens. It’s my belief a homeless person was camping out inside of it and was not coming out out anytime soon.

  4. Very dumb idea. first off, women are fighting for equality so why should men put the seat down? why shouldn’t women put the seat up? I’m all in favor of equal rights for everyone, just not special rights. Just because women take longer in the bathroom (for whatever reason) doesn’t mean that men’s rooms lines have to become longer now to share with women. This equals special rights. Don’t take so long in the bathroom and the lines wouldn’t be so long. do your business (knowing people are waiting) and get out. going to the bathroom is not a social event, it’s a body function. Typical Abbe Land: people being struck down in crosswalks, the city being overcome with drugs, traffic and parking problems and she is worried about the long line at the bathroom. sounds like she came up with this idea while standing in line at a bathroom. Just when you think you have heard the most stupid thing come out of a Council Members mouth, they come up with a more stupid one.

  5. In practice, I already use all single stall restrooms regardless of labeling, even when outside of weho. But to echo Manny, I do take a little extra care if I am using the womens!

  6. Good idea….better efficient use of facilities for all…..But guys, just remember to put the seat down for the ladies.

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