Georgia Rescinds Job Offer to Homophobic Former Pasadena Health Director

Dr. Eric Walsh
Dr. Eric Walsh

The Georgia Department of Public Health has retracted an offer it made to Dr. Eric Walsh to head its North Georgia Public Health District.

In a press release, a health department spokesman said the offer was retracted after “a thorough examination of Dr. Walsh’s credentials and background as well as consultation with the six local boards of health which comprise the district.”

Walsh resigned his position as director of Pasadena’s Public Health Department this week after putting put on paid leave while the city looked into sermons he had preached. Walsh, a Seventh Day Adventist, had criticized schools for promoting tolerance of LGBT students, saying “that is doctrine from the pits of hell.” He also said supporters of the American Psychiatric Association’s 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders were “raised up by the (devil).”

Walsh had also said those who believe in evolution are doing “the devil’s handiwork.”

His comments sparked outrage in the gay community and a call for his resignation by the San Gabriel Tribune.