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Tough Love, an original web series on Slacktory, is a sitcom about two roommates living in Queens. Now in its second season, the series follows Steven and Blair, best friends, as they deal with roomie issues, friendship and coming out.

From the series:

Tough Love is a sitcom about two roommates from New York’s third-coolest borough. She’s a train wreck lesbian in denial, and he’s her uptight GBF. Take a peek inside the riveting lives of two broke actors living on a hope and a prayer. The struggle is real.

While not always gay-focused, the series features Steven, a catty gay who loves to judge, and later on, focuses on Blair’s own coming out as a lesbian–and Steven’s discomfort in no longer being the gay one in the relationship.

Tough Love screenshot of Steven and Blair sitting on a couch.

Tough Love screenshot of Blair and Steven on the train.

Tough Love screenshot of Blair and Steven sitting at a dinner table.

Witty, honest and over the top, Tough Love is a sweet taste of what life for two broke actors is like in New York. After a successful first season, the show amped up its content for Season 2. Watch the first episode of Season 1 below, and if you can’t get enough, check out the rest on the Tough Love website. Also, be sure to follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.