Twenty Five

TwentyFive logo and cast members.

Meet Beryl, Taylor and Jimmy. Three high school friends who’ve reunited in New York City two years out of college, and the subjects of the new web series, Twenty Five.

Written and directed by Josh Duboff, Twenty Five follows these three twenty-five-year-olds as they traverse the perilous journey that is life. Beryl (Jordy Lievers) is an aspiring actress trying to stay afloat who’s been dating a frat-bro for the past year and starting to feel a bit anxious about where she’s going. Jimmy (Brennan Caldwell), the “gay” in this series, is a writer (well, blogger) similarly looking for a path in life as well as someone special. And wide-eyed Taylor (Alex Trow) just got to the city from two years of teaching for TFA in Missouri, and is just looking to make a place for herself–both in the city and with her friends.

And the charming cast doesn’t stop with the trio. There’s Kyle (Charles Andrew Callaghan), the other half of the “gay” web series and Beryl’s hot friend from yoga who Jimmy has a hard time accepting (and later, a hard time forgetting). Oakley (Patrick Barrett), the handsome gentleman Taylor meets in the park and starts a budding relationship with (and the cause of a cliff-hanger ending of the first season). And Kendall (Jessica DiGiovanni), the hilariously annoying rival to Beryl and perhaps the funniest part of this show.

Twenty Five series photo of main characters, Beryl, Jimmy and Taylor.
Jordy Lievers (Beryl), Brennan Caldwell (Jimmy) and Alex Trow (Taylor) on Twenty Five.
Oakley and Taylor on a date, from Twenty Five.
Oakley (Patrick Barrett) and Taylor on a date.
Kyle and Jimmy on a semi-date.
Kyle (Charles Andrew Callaghan) and Jimmy bonding at an art gallery.
Screenshot of Beryl and Kendall in a casting office.
Beryl’s first encounter with Kendall (Jessica DiGiovanni) at an audition.

Twenty Five screenshot of the trio.

Very Girls-esque, complete with “What am I going to do with my life?” moments and careless dancing in the face of uncertainty, Twenty Five is a treat to watch for its charming honesty of young life.

You can watch all four episodes of Season 1 on their website, and be sure to follow the series on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out the first episode below and tell us what you think in the comments!