The Billboard Evolves, with a New and Fluid Structure on WeHo’s Sunset Strip

Ace billboard construction 8535 Sunset Blvd (Photo by Jon Viscott)
Ace billboard construction 8535 Sunset Blvd (Photo by Jon Viscott)

  1. This is an atrocity, and it’s particularly appalling that the WeHo city council is touting it as interesting and creative…like it’s a piece of art. We’ve already relinquished the Sunset Strip to advertising (and some of it IS actually interesting and creative.) But do we now have to tolerate hideously overstated and over-designed structures to support them? Imagine if these giant structures start to pop up all over the strip. Unbelievable.

  2. LORCAN….This is your father DARTH VADER…. Im worried about you son !!
    “fluid gesture, inspired by the stream of traffic coursing below.” ?
    ” Los Angeles always has a blue sky” ?

    uhh not that shade !! Maybe closer to the blue of the ocean in picture #2 it now blocks. Nice trade off.

    When will planners and architects stop trying to spin these projects like we are …….out here ?
    This design is about placement, maximizing the billboards line of site to the “stream”, revenue, and only then creative thinking to make it happen.

    What added liability does the neighbor (or city) now have that it is hanging in their direction ?
    Does anyone in the city look at the potential fall patterns of these boards ?
    What is the effect of the added windload with the open “V” facing north towards the Santana Winds ?
    Will this direct faster wind speeds directly into the project across the street and break glass?
    Are these boards all engineered for the now recognized Hollywood Fault ?
    What stops this board from being flung like a fly swatter during these natural events ?
    Everyone knows the crotch of a tree limb is a weak point how is this addressed ?
    Did they run out of blue paint for the base ?
    Do you think the same blue on the base of the Champion crane was also inspired by sky ?
    Are there any rainbow trout in the “stream” ?

    I am not against billboards, development, progress, or change

    I am just PRO COMMON SENSE We need a Planning dept and council to be asking the right questions and producing change that benefits and protects the public safety and welfare of our whole community not just their own views and ideas of what they think is right.

    Again I ask How does this project meet the Goals and Objectives set out by the citys own mission statement ?

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