‘First Kiss,’ the All Gay Version

First Kiss Gay shows two men kissing.Another parody of the “First Kiss” viral video has come out of the woodworks.

The original, shot by Tatia Pilieva, warmed all our hearts–though, we later found out it was an ad sponsored by Wren Studios. Oh well, not all beautiful things are made just for the hell of it.

Except maybe this one. New Zealand’s “Love Your Condom” has created its own version of the video, with an all-male cast of strangers. They gay kiss, they gay laugh, they have a gay ol’ time…all while showing us the beauty of a first kiss.

First things are awkward…

First Kiss Gay awkward couple.

Two men stand awkwardly.

Two men laugh awkwardly awaiting their first kiss.

…then things get sweet (and heated)…

Couple kissing from First Kiss, Love Your Condom.

Two men kiss for the first time.

Third couple kissing from video by Love Your Condoms.

…and in the end, you’re resonating with the song’s lyrics that tell us “let’s love now, cuz soon enough we’ll die.”

The film is shot to the tune of Soko’s “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow.” Check out the video below, and be sure to follow Love Your Condom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In case you missed it, you can see the other gay parody called “First Gay Hug” below, during which 15 homophobic people are asked to hug gay strangers. Also check out the original “First Kiss,” which actually included two same-sex strangers kissing.






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