Marry Me

Marry Me Australia screenshot of gay male couple kissing.

Australia has done it again by releasing a video about gay love. And wow, is it moving.

This year, Sydney’s Mardi Gras closed out with a video directed and produced by Elvis Di Fazio. Marry Me follows a young gay surfer looking for love in all the wrong places who eventually finds “the One,” all to the tune of Macklemore’s “Same Love.”


Marry Me Australia main character sitting in bed with a man.

Marry Me two gay surfers meeting on the beach.



It’s a touching short that’s sure to resonate with those of us still looking for our beau. Much like “It’s Time,” Marry Me shows Australians are all for same-sex love. Check it out below.



And for those of you who haven’t reveled in the beauty of “It’s Time,” check it out here: