14 Motorists Arrested at WeHo DUI Checkpoint

dui logoFourteen motorists were arrested during a driving under the influence/driver’s license checkpoint in West Hollywood, authorities said today.

The checkpoint was in operation on San Vicente Boulevard, just north of Beverly Boulevard, between 7 p.m. Friday and 3 a.m. Saturday, said Sgt. Daniel Dail of the sheriff’s Traffic Services Detail.

Dail said 1,149 vehicles were checked and two drivers were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, one of marijuana and the other alcohol. Another suspect was arrested for suspicion of possession of narcotics. The other drivers were arrested for driver’s licenses irregularities.

  1. Since there is apparently a lot of “rape” happening in the gay bar restrooms–note the article about the $5 million judgement against Here lounge, and the pending case against The Abbey, perhaps the Sheriffs team should be staking out the restrooms of West Hollywood. Last I checked, rape is a more serious crime than “driver license irregularities.”

  2. The numbers for this DUI checkpoint are similar to those from every other DUI checkpoint in southern California: thousands of drivers stopped, possibly one or two DUIs are cited, plus some larger number of drivers are cited for driving unlicensed, mechanical issues on the vehicle (burned out lights, mostly), or past unresolved citations.

    Compare that to a “cellphone enforcement operation” in Hemet yesterday (http://www.riversidesheriff.org/press/hem14-0225.asp). 63 citations for using cellphones while driving! Much more productive. And law-abiding drivers weren’t forced to sit in a long queue. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers both can cause serious accidents. Which one of the law enforcement actions was a better use of taxpayer resources?

  3. Yes. It’s disgusting that they are enforcing the law. We should all be allowed to break the law and drive without licenses.

  4. Lester, if you read the article, you would see it was the Sheriffs Dept, not the LAPD who did the arresting. This was done in Weho, not L.A. No racial slant whatsoever.

  5. Because if you have been following the news, that is who the LAPD has been targeting with these crackdowns.

  6. Sounds to me like they weren’t looking for drunk drivers but brown people without licenses. Disgusting. This should be illegal.

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