Open screenshot with couple and third in bed together.

Impulse Group releases “Open,” a short about a serodiscordant couple that brings a third into their relationship.

Open is the second in a series following “Knowing,” which portrayed an HIV negative gay man’s transition from a break-up into a new relationship with an HIV positive co-worker. That video already has attracted almost 145,000 views on YouTube.

Open continues the story of that couple, with “Parker,” the HIV negative partner, again played by Kyle Heinen and his lover, “Billy,” again played by Namir Nasir. Open, however, adds Peter Rothbard to their relationship in a five-minute story that is both sexy and moving.

Open screenshot showing Peter Rothbard.
Peter Rothbard as the other man.

Focused on the importance of getting tested and explaining your status to those you have relations with, Open gives us an honest look at what it’s like to be “open” while still being responsible about knowing your status.

Open screenshot with men kissing and smiling.

Open screenshot of man explaining HIV status to third partner.

Open screenshot of serodiscordant couple kissing.
Namir Nasir and Kyle Heinen as the serodiscordant couple.

The video was directed by Nino Mancuso and produced by Chris Rallo and John Saint-Denis, producers of “Knowing.” It was written by Saint-Denis and Ian Klein.

Klein said he sees the video as “exploring the responsibility of communicating one’s (HIV) status. It’s complicated, he noted, with a gay serodiscordant couple entering into what may be a one-night stand with another man and thinking “hey, we are into you. But here’s this information that is personal.”

Impulse Group is an organization of young gay men committed to educating their peers about the risk of HIV transmission. The group is sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and has operations in Mexico City and Fort Lauderdale as well as West Hollywood and is expanding into Atlanta, Dallas and New Delhi.

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