SHE4ME: Love is Love Valentine’s Day PSA

SHE4ME screenshot of married lesbian couple kissing.

Happy Valentine’s Day! In light of this loving day, the Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) has premiered a five minute made-for-Youtube PSA as part of the SHE4MarriageEquality (SHE4ME) project. This music video captures a same-sex couple on their wedding day paired with original music by singer-songwriter Jen Foster.

This moving video relays the story of two childhood friends who have become best friends in later life, with one of them seemingly smitten with the other. When it looks like the other is just about to marry a man, we get a surprise and find that true love is indeed for everyone.

SHE4ME screenshot with two young girls in ballet together.

SHE4ME screenshot with woman at altar with man.

SHE4ME screenshot with female couple at the altar.

The PSA was filmed at the Andaz West Hollywood hotel, an iconic Sunset Strip destination and popular venue for same-sex wedding ceremonies.  Just last year, Michael Torsiello and Adrian Pellereau made headlines when they tied-the-knot twice at the hotel, a second wedding to make it official in the eyes of the government after DOMA and Prop 8 were found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court Justice of the United States. And Last October Matthew Breen, Editor in Chief of The Advocate, married his partner Andreas at the hotel.

Check out the video below, fall in love with the catchy song, and remember, #LoveisLove. Also be sure to follow the SHE4MarriageEquality project on Twitter and Facebook.

SHE4ME screencap with LoveisLove on screen.



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This video is beautiful hopefully one day all people can seal their love with no one deny or reject, we have to unite and fight with words, art, intelligence and above all with love, respect us as we are we respect them, love is love in all its forms and meanings