“The 8 Types of Gay Guys I’ve Dated” – Romance, WeHo Style

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Scenester, Revolutionist, Sophisticate, Manchild, Romantic, Competitor, Alternative, The One. BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel takes a hilarious look at gay dating — West Hollywood style — in “The Eight Types of Gay Guys I’ve Dated.”

The video, with music by Warner Chappell, was shot at Shakey Alibi at 7401 Beverly Blvd. and features scenes from WeHo Dodgeball. It stars Xander Saide, Matthew McLean, Huntley Woods, Danny Lam, Luis Lucas, AJ Escobar, Taylor King and Corey Boggs as well as the gay hosts of Joey’s Cafe  —  Dillon Field (The Scenester) and Drew Staten (The One). Joey’s, on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sweetzer, is a major breakfast and lunch spot for the folks at West Hollywood’s City Hall and a brunch spot for gay West Hollywood guys and the people who love them on weekends.

Taking us from The Scenester (“He wears his pride on his sleeve…even though his shirts never have any.”) to The Revolutionist (“Heteronormative bull****!”), The Sophisticate (“That is the worst dressed baby I’ve ever seen.”) to The Romantic (“I want a Disney-themed wedding!”), all down to The One who really gets him. This video is sure to give you a good laugh and bring back some dating memories.

"The Scenester" from Eight Types of Gay Guys I've Dated.
Dillon Field as “The Scenester”

"The Sophisticate" from "Eight Types of Gay Guys.""The Romantic" from Eight Types of Gay Guys

Drew Staten as "The One" from "Eight Types of Gay Guys"
Drew Staten as “The One”

Check out the video below and let us know your type in the comments. Come on, we’ve all got one.

Which type are you?



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Can Unsal
Can Unsal

Definitely in the middle of “the Sophisticate” and “the One”! And oh my glab, a tiny bit of “the Manchild”