Dates web series logo.

Dates is a new (gay) web series created by Philly comedian-screenwriter, Alejandro Morales. And let’s just say, it’s one of the best things to happen to same-sex dating in a long time.

The series is a collection of shorts focusing on fictitious scenes from same-sex dating, with all the hilarity and awkwardness that comes with it. A guy getting stood up by his Grindr pal, two arrogant men insulting each other before having sex, and even a lesbian couple, where one of them talks a bit too much about…well, everything.

Dates screencap of two men on a date in a restaurant.

Dates screencap with two men talking at a bar.

From Alejandro himself:

I came up with the idea for Dates because I wanted to do my part to shine a light on the local comedy scene that I love so much, and I also wanted to stay true to my secret agenda to make everything gay. So I asked some of my favorite comedy performers to workshop short scenes with me in which they play loosely-fictionalized versions of themselves in various interpretations of a date scenario.

The series is sure to get you laughing and reminiscing about your own horrible dating stories. After all, gay or straight, we’ve all had bad dates.

Check out a couple episodes below, and be sure to visit the website to see a whole lot more. You can also follow Alejandro on Twitter.

“Daatttteeeeessssss….nailed it.”



Dates – “Stand Up Stood Up”

Dates – “Smocks, Crocs, & Scrubs”