The Abbey Invites a Toast to Cooley’s Before Thursdays’ WeHo Planning Meeting

Cooley's as seen from Santa Monica Boulevard
Cooley’s as seen from Santa Monica Boulevard
The West Hollywood Planning Commission meeting on Thursday is likely to have an unusually happy crowd, given that the Abbey is inviting attendees to stop by for a drink before the meeting. The gay bar and restaurant is billing the 6 p.m. event “Show Your Support for Cooley’s.”

Cooley’s is the restaurant and bar that Abbey founder David Cooley plans to build at 8940 Santa Monica Blvd. just east of Robertson. John Keho, the city’s assistant community development director, approved plans for the 8,879 square foot establishment in December. It will feature outdoor patios facing north onto Santa Monica Boulevard and south onto West Hollywood Park.

The Planning Commission will hear on Thursday an appeal of that decision by Alfredo Diaz, co-owner of Revolver, a nearby gay bar. Diaz has objected to Cooley’s, saying that Keho’s decision to grant Cooley’s a “conditional use permit” might enable a future owner or operator of the venue to use it it primarily as a bar or dance club. Diaz also has objected to the possibility that parents playing with children in the park might be exposed to improper scenes in what likely will be promoted as a gay venue.

The Planning Commission meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers at 625 N. San Vicente Blvd. south of Santa Monica. Smoking is not permitted, and drinking likely will be discouraged as well.

  1. I think plenty of people should care that the TV screens in a “Video Bar” are grainy and faded. When you are paying $12 for a screwdriver then you’d expect a little bit of class. Not the same technology as Trunks.

    The Abbey is currently right up against the park and you cannot hear the thing. All of this panic is just homophobia, plain and simple.

  2. OK let’s avoid the catfights about “coked out” strippers for a moment (although all sides should concede that there is a lot of truth behind that statement…)

    The impact on the park is definitely a concern. It would certainly be detrimental to the ongoing makeover of West Hollywood Park if it were to be inundated with thumping bass and gyrating torsos.

    No one cares if the TV screens in Revolver are HD or not. That’s a lame argument. And I’m all for SBE investing more of their money in West Hollywood if it will attract more money for they city. My concern is the high failure rate of a lot of their venues. Is this gonna be just another empty store front 6 months from now if it doesn’t attract the patronage to survive?

    I also want to know what sort of breaks/deals the city is cutting Cooley’s and PUMP Lounge.

    I’m all for new businesses opening in the city—especially when they replace failed dance studios and tacky adult stores. But a little more detail is needed.

  3. Alfredo is running scared because his non-HD Videobar redux from the 80s can’t stand the competition. Now he’s having his minions post hero-worship comments on these stories pushing his self-interested agenda. And then they (or just he via pseudonyms) brings up an argument using children. Just when you think it couldn’t get more desperate. Also, calling the strippers “coked out” is a bit much and just goes to show the lengths of the desperation. If you truly think these strippers are in that state, maybe you should call the authorities – if you haven’t done so already.

  4. This project is obviously bank rolled by SBE and will eventually become an SBE venue, that is the obvious long and short of it. And as far as the argument about putting what will eventually be coked out strippers ‘dancing’ to ‘music’ that near to what is supposed to be a park for all to enjoy including parents with children I say it’s a valid and am glad that this community has Alfredo Diaz to be a voice of reason in it.

  5. King Cooley trying to buy support for his new nightclub like he has West Hollywood city officials. Well I hope Sam Nazarian is the designated driver, oh wait there is only room for 2 in his Bugatti.

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