Impulse Group Releases ‘Open,’ a Film about HIV and Love

Still from "Open," Impulse Group's second short film, showing 3 men in a bed together.

Impulse Group is releasing “Open,” a follow-up to its popular “Knowing” video, at an event on Feb. 13.

“Knowing,” produced by designer and writer John Saint-Denis, highlights a gay man’s journey from break-up to knowing one’s HIV status to communicating that status to a lover.

“Open,” also produced by Saint-Denis and Chris Rallo and Ian Klein of the Advisorie Group, follows the same sero-discordant couple and their encounter with another man. Starring Kyle Heinen and Namir Nasir as the couple we came to know in “Knowing,” with Peter Rothbard as their third.

“The film looks at the complications and tensions between men of different HIV statuses and the temptations, trials and opportunities for love and compassion that arise when a third enters a relationship,” says Impulse Group.

As was the case with “Knowing,” “Open” attempts to deliver its message in a sexy, yet subtle slice of life vignette without judgment.

Still from "Open," Impulse Group's second short film.

Impulse Group will celebrate the release of their new short during International Condom Day on Thursday, February 13, with an event titled, “Love, Why Not?” at Eleven Nightclub. The event is free with registration and will include a hosted bar, giveaways, and the premiere of the short.

In case you haven’t heard, Impulse Group is an organization of young gay men committed to educating their peers about the risk of HIV transmission. The group is sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and has operations in West Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Mexico City.

Check out their first short, “Knowing,” below: