‘Burlesque vs. Boylesque’? Here’s What You Missed Saturday Night

Chadd Behavior enjoys a snack. (Photo by Matt Baume)
Chadd Behavior enjoys a snack. (Photo by Matt Baume)

It was billed as “burlesque versus boylesque — the ultimate battle of the sexes.” At an event like this, there’s one sure winner — the audience. Who wouldn’t like watching four male burlesque performers compete against four female burlesque performers in categories such as Best Dancer, Most Sexy, Most Comedic and Husband vs. Wife? The contestants in each category were Tito Bonito vs. Pearl Lux, Vyper Synville vs. Dottie Deville, Chad Behavior vs. Baby Le’Strange and Mr. Snapper vs. Red Snapper.

The contest was staged by Bobbie Burlesque — “The Boy Who Glitters” — at MBar on Saturday night. Since starting his burlesque career ten years ago, Bobbie has performed in shows across the country, winning the title of “Mr. Hollywood Burlesque” at the first ever Hollywood Burlesque Festival in December 2013 and “Best Novelty Act” at the 2013 Texas Burlesque Festival in Austin.

According to his website, Bobbie “keeps his days and nights occupied by reading vampire novels, sketching new costume designs, painting his nails black and plotting his next visual masterpiece…”

Photographer Matt Baume was at MBar for the contest. On the pages that follow he shows you what you missed.