Great Caeser – “Don’t Ask Me Why”

Dont Ask Me Why screencap with two same-sex couples holding hands together.

Brooklyn-based band, Great Caesar, released a stunning video today to commemorate MLK.

Weaving several stories of intolerance in the face of love, the video calls out the need for equality in interracial and same-sex relationships. Incredibly moving and coupled with a great song, this music video was entirely crowdfunded via the band’s Kickstarter campaign.

The band’s frontman John-Michael Parker, spoke with The Advocate:

At a deeper level, however, we share the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to live happy, healthy, and self-expressed lives, that people should be able to love who they want to love, regardless of any label they or society place on that love, and that we don’t yet live in such a world. So, as artists and changemakers, we considered the tools we had at our disposal — namely, the ability to create an emotional experience that could inspire folks to think and maybe even act differently — and so we set out to make a music video that would let people experience love and equality so that they might in turn spread that in the world.

The video centers on an interracial couple dealing with racism, a gay high-schooler dealing with homophobia and a young teenage girl dealing with her traditional, nuclear family’s intolerance of her love for another woman (who also happens to be of another race).

Don't Ask Me Why screencap with interracial couple kissing happily.

Don't Ask Me Why screencap in locker room with FAG written on boy's locker.

Don't Ask Me Why screencap with interracial lesbian couple facing parents.

Check out this new music video that’s quickly become one of my favorites below.