Gay Nerds

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Written and directed by JP Larocque, GAY NERDS is sure to get your inner geek going. As the Advocate says, it follows “the geeky misadventures of adorkable Ralphie (Robert Keller) and Sam (Ryan Kerr), along with their gal pal Lana (Alexandra Wylie).”

All three are of the queer variety, with Ralphie and Sam being your atypical dorky gay men and Lana being a geeked-out lesbian. The three are a mirthful trio who you’ll love to watch in this gut-busting web series.

Gay Nerds screenshot of Ralphie, Sam and Lana in the car.

The show finds these three friends amid some dorky adventures that relate to film and television fandom. Each episode is a parody of pop culture, from Jurassic Park to AliensBreakfast Club to The Shining. The shorts are hilarious and bring in great pop-culture references, both overtly and subtly, throughout each episode.

More from their website:

GAY NERDS is a tongue-in-cheek web series about a group of gay nerds and their comic misadventures that parody popular television shows and movies.

Merging geeky pop cultural obsessions with a queer comedic sensibility, the project shines a light on all of the unsung gay men and women who would rather talk your ear off about Game of Thrones than hobnob with the sophisticated bed-hoppers of Queer as Folk.

Gay Nerds is gay geek culture at its best and definitely worth the watch. It just started it’s second season in December, so tune in for even more laughs from here on out.

And I mean, who wouldn’t love a show with these awesome comic-style graphics?

Gay Nerds comic-graphic of leather daddies.

Gay Nerds comic-graphic of Lana punching two leather daddies. PUNCH!

Check out the first episode below, which parodies Jurassic Park. If you watch and like it, don’t forget to put “Geek” for one of your Grindr tribes, cuz you certainly are one now.



Episode 1: Tyrannosaurus Ex