MTA Adds Rapid Transit Bus Stop at WeHo’s Plummer Park

MTA Rapid BusTraveling to or from Plummer Park may get easier for bus riders, who will soon be able to catch or get off the 704 metro rapid bus near the park.

Beginning on Dec. 15, the 704 will stop at the MTA bus stop located at Santa Monica Boulevard and Vista (eastbound) and Santa Monica and Gardner (westbound), which currently serve as stops for the 4 bus line. The 4 bus will continue to stop there as well.

Currently, the 704’s nearest stop to the park is at Fairfax Avenue and Santa Monica. That’s because the rapid line, designed to have fewer stops and thus get around faster, usually only stops only eight-tenths of a mile or so.

Even though this stop is only about a half-mile from the Fairfax stop, said MTA spokesperson Paul Gonzales, it made sense to add another stop due to the high number of riders in the area. With both the 4 bus and the 704 rapid making stops, Gonzales said, riders will generally be able to catch a bus within 10 minutes.

Among those riders are many seniors headed to the park to visit the West Hollywood Senior Center.

  1. Well, well… “WehoGuy” is at it again. while i appreciate that we agree on the FACTS, i find your conclusions rather simplistic and (not surprisingly) straight from the Afriat/Heilman/Duran/Developers talking points.

    if you think that one single transient would relocate to a different park or part of town if GH/LH was demolished and another patch of lawn was put in its place i have a bridge to sell you. the idea that people are “hiding behind the building” and therefore the buildings need removal is absolutely laughable.

    it is true that an unused building in disrepair does not help the overall atmosphere of the park but the city is directly to blame for creating this situation by way of willful neglect of these buildings.

    the best solution would be to renovate and repurpose the building (Museum, Pre-School, Artist Space, etc) and make it the vibrant center of the park that it should be. if we were a “creative city” this would have happened a long time ago.

  2. No one is being demonized, Rudolf is merely stating a FACT. Truth is, as a non-Russina speaking resident, I do not feel comfortable hanging out in the main part of the park. It’s uncomfortable and the people are unfriendly.
    As for the transients, SnarkyGaly, you are either blind or just jumping on the vocal minority bandwagon to preserve a park that is vastly deficient in what it could be.

    Its absolutely full of transients who do drugs, solicit sex and relieve themselves–ironically most of this happens behind Great Hall/Long Hall, which is a major argument for their removal.

  3. Great Rudolph, clearly I missed the sarcasm, which is why I asked. I agree with you that folks need interaction on all levels to remove the scare factor.and add to their humanity. That works with down and out folks in our parks as well as folks we choose to demonize because they are from a country we know nothing about or have religious or ethnic beliefs and customs we are likewise ignorant of. After all the world is nothing but one big community and we all have a right to be here.

  4. oh boy! i am not sure what you want explained. i have no idea what is ‘180’ about my second comment. my first comment was meant to be a humorous (clearly did not work ) addition to the last line of the article. then i explain (because i was asked) that I’m not making it up, i actually know many of the transients (many of them released inmates and parolees as part of the 2011 program) and i also talk to the sheriffs. how is any of that disparaging, 180 or alarmist?
    if anyone wants to pretend that these people are not a rather prominent part of life in our community around Plummer Park, they can continue to live in a phantasy. but not acknowledging their presence doesn’t any of us any good.
    happy thanksgiving to all 3 of you!

  5. Hi Rudolph, it is troubling to read your first statement and then your seemingly 180 degree qualification. Would you care to explain the first which most might feel disparaging and/or somewhat alarmist?

  6. snarky, you are right that the park “is always full of elderly Russians playing card games, mothers and children and people with dogs.” however your observant gaze must have missed the presence of a rather sizable transient population who spend their entire day in the park, many of them released from jails and prisons as part of the state mandated plan to reduce prison population. at night they are not allowed so you have it backwards.

    i am actually in Plummer Park several times every day and can see it from my window. i know many of the transients by name, you should try to talk to them sometime, most of them are very friendly and open. i also talk to the sheriffs in the park, they are certainly aware of the influx of ex-convicts coming from downtown over the last 2 years. many of them ‘commute’ to and from shelters and facilities downtown.

    casey, shockingly even ex-convicts and parolees know how to transfer buses. and i’ve never been in Gelsons, so get your presumptions in order.

  7. To be 100% clear, Plummer Park, and ALL of its activities|services are 100% geared to the Russian|Jewish Community. If one does not speak their language, GOOD LUCK with getting any assistance from ANYONE! I spoke fluent Russian | Polish until I was 21, when my Grandmother died, and the entire family, no exceptions, went to English! They immigrated from Poland and came to the United States of AMERICA, to be AMERICANS! I DO remember the less than polite phrases! and you should see the eyebrows raise when I respond to them in flawless Russian! They do not expect a “Gringo” to speak their language! They no longer make rude comments within earshot!

  8. Rudolph, I have been in Plummer Park many times. It is always full of elderly Russians playing card games, mothers and children and people with dogs. I have never seen anybody remotely resembling a “freshly released inmate”. Stop spreading rumors and lies about this park. Maybe at night they might come, but not during the day when the neighborhood uses the park.

    Unless you show proof, shut up.

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