WeHo’s Princess Die is Turned Away at Bootsy Bellows

Courtney Stodden
Courtney Stodden
First she’s denied a pole for a dance at the Abbey. Now she can’t get a table — or even in the door — at Bootsy Bellows. Who’d a thunk that in a town full of queens like West Hollywood, WeHo’s Princess Die would get such treatment?

In an email to WEHOville, the publicist for Courtney Stodden reports that the 18-year-old celebutante, famed for her marriage at 16 to a man 35 years her elder and the resultant reality TV show, was turned away at the door of David Arquette’s club on Sunset Boulevard.

“This BULLYING has got to stop,” publicist Jim Strzalkowski said in an email to WEHOville. “I was so appalled and hurt by what I witnessed on Friday night outside of David Arquette’s nightclub Bootsy Bellows. Courtney Stodden did not deserve to be humiliated by the woman at the front door.

“I have emails from Benjamin Russo, Bootsy Bellows PR rep, confirming Courtney Stodden would be welcomed into the club and be escorted to a VIP area. I spoke on the phone with club manager Mighty Joe on two occasions, two different days last week where he confirmed Courtney Stodden to the VIP guest list. I also have a club RSVP email confirmation that Courtney would be welcomed into the club.

“Very sad that we live in such a vindictive and judgmental society. Courtney is sweet and kind and deserves common decency and respect. This is a public club and all were let in, even if they weren’t on the guest list.”

Could it have been her cover on “Girls and Corpses” magazine that got her turned away? Inquiring minds want to know.

  1. FYI: It was 18+ / All Ages Event that Friday night, according to the website last week. They are all just doing this for press attention. Never ends!

  2. She deserves respect? She doesn’t choose to respect herself or others, so why does she deserve respect, or in this case, “special” treatment”? Respect is earned, not because you “act” sweet and kind. Agree, as a 19 year old she should not have been admitted to a club serving alchohol, and the club has every right to turn her away! Her last club visit turned into a fiasco.

  3. Straz needs to understand that regardless if its a ‘public’ place or not, the club has the right to refuse service to a blue smurfette if they choose to. For some unknown reason this girl thinks she is ‘important’. Surrounding herself with ‘yes’ men is what got Micheal Jackson to lose his nose.

  4. I think a very good and valid reason that she was turned away was because she was 19? Alcohol is served at that club and 19 year olds should not be there. I don’t know about California, but after a certain hour, under 21 are not allowed in establishments where alchohol is served. It is illegal and result in the revoking of their liqueor license. Also, there probably was already the circus following Courtney, and she was not on the list…. Sounds like the woman at the door was doing her job. Her agent needs to cut the drama

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