VIDEO: Chad Michaels Performs For Cher at WeHo’s Rasputin

The legendary Cher, promoting her new single “Woman’s World,” was in the gayborhood on Saturday. She stopped by WeHo’s Rasputin Nightclub, where she wasn’t the only diva in the building. Renowned Cher impersonator Chad Michaels (“the other Cher”), donning a red wig, took the stage and performed for the now-brunette singer.

It was a scene befitting the gay icon. A disco ball spun overhead, colorful lights flashed, and the place was packed with fans. With so many revelers wielding smart phones, it wasn’t easy to capture video, but we couldn’t let the moment go undocumented, so reporter Lina Lecaro braved the madness.

Cher was apparently pleased with Michaels’ tribute; she Tweeted her approval.

Long beloved by gay fans, Cher is the mother of West Hollywood resident Chaz Bono, a transgender activist.

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Brian Hamilton (@_BrianHamilton)

CheR watching ChaD, OMG what an enormous Gay-gasm!