9 Former Micky’s Employees Sue Gay Bar; Lawyer Goes Public With Graphic Details

Micky's West Hollywood

Ahead of an October trial, the lawyer for nine former Micky’s employees has gone public about a lawsuit filed against the West Hollywood gay bar in July 2011.

The plaintiffs are charging the popular nightclub, known for its male strippers and go-go dancers, with civil rights violations, which include lewd conduct, creating a sexually hostile work environment, racial discrimination and discrimination against heterosexual employees, and labor code violations.

Matthew Krupnick, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit against West Hollywood Boys Town, Inc. (WHBT), owner of Micky’s, provided WEHOville photographic evidence of strippers performing in the nude, strippers openly displaying their penises and masturbating in front of patrons, a stripper walking around with semen on his face and chest, a patron using his finger to penetrate a stripper’s butt, a ring toss game involving a man’s penis and employees pouring shots of liquor down a stripper’s back while a patron licked it from the stripper’s butt.

The civil rights complaint filed under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) contends that employees were forced to work in a sexually hostile environment because hardcore gay pornography played on big-screen TVs throughout the club during working hours. One of the plaintiffs alleges that his roommate was featured in a porn video.

“No one should be required to work in an environment with this going on all around them,” said Krupnick, an employment and personal injury attorney. “As a gay man who fights for the rights of LGBT people, to see gays in a position of such authority and ability abusing that authority and ability in the way the club is doing is offensive to me. I’m motivated to ensure this never happens again in our town.”

Micky’s did not return requests for comment.

The bar also is under state investigation for 14 counts of lewd conduct and two counts of giving away alcoholic beverages, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

The nine plaintiffs – all male, five gay and four straight – worked as bartenders, a security guard and a manager. Two female employees were also initially involved in the suit before dropping out.

Krupnick reports that the straight employees were forced out of their jobs at Micky’s because management didn’t like having heterosexual employees. According to Krupnick, they were told when they started they’d be fine as long as they kept their heterosexuality a secret.

One black employee and one bi-racial employee, both gay, say they were fired because Micky’s owner Michael Niemeyer, didn’t want African-Americans working there. One employee was accused of stealing and exhibiting a “West Hollywood attitude,” according to the lawsuit.

The alleged labor code violations include employees not being given the state-required meal and 10-minute breaks during an eight-hour shift and management falsifying time cards and wrongful termination.

This is not the first lawsuit involving labor code violations filed against Micky’s. Since 2000, the bar has been sued 11 times (not including the current case). Eight of the lawsuits were dismissed. In two, the judges did not award the plaintiff’s any money. In one, Micky’s had to pay a promoter $1,082.

“What differs about this lawsuit is the quantity of people,” said Krupnick who added that all of the plaintiffs approached him about representation.

The lawsuit was initially filed as two separate cases (the four straight employees had a separate suit). Krupnick said Micky’s filed a motion in January 2012 to consolidate the two lawsuits into one.

Another motion to transfer the case from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica was denied. Judge Elizabeth Allen White will preside over the case, which is expected to last 20 days.

Krupnick said he did enter into private mediation with the plaintiffs, which resulted in a settlement offer of less than $100,000.

“My clients respectfully declined that offer,” said Krupnick, who believes the case could carry a $15 million verdict, if not higher, depending on the punitive damages the jury awards.

According to Krupnick, the jury will decide on each case individually, meaning each plaintiff could be awarded a different amount if Micky’s is found liable.

“It’s not OK what’s happening there,” said Krupnick. “The lewd conduct is still going on down there. You can walk by and see it happening from the sidewalk. Why aren’t people talking about what’s going on at Micky’s?”

A longtime fixture on the West Hollywood gay club scene, Micky’s closed in August 2007 after an electrical fire. A rebuilt two-story Micky’s reopened in April 2009. That year, the Micky’s entry in the annual gay pride parade was go-go dancers riding on a fire truck with an accompanying banner reading “Flaming Gay Bar.”

  1. Is seducing video and pictures without showing private parts a porno? If so, many stores should be sued. Funny law sue.

  2. This lawsuit is ridiculous and that lawyer should be ashamed for bringing this case to court. The posters and advertisements for Micky’s feature near naked men, even the logo shows the torso of a shirtless man. If any potential employees felt uncomfortable in a sexually charged environment they should work in a regular bar or restaurant where they can make less in tips than they would at a busy gay bar. The fact that Micky’s has been sued 11 times and almost all the cases were dismissed or negligible shows that these lawsuits are hail mary attempts to extort money from companies; then the company has to hire a lawyer and pay that person hundreds of dollars to defend themselves… lawyers making more money for other lawyers…

  3. I’m a gay guy and I’ve been to some kinky nightclubs but there’s something really uncomfortable about Micky’s and Here Bar. You get a nasty feeling that the gogo dancers are prostitutes and the patrons are all lecherous and aggressive. By contrast, the clubs in SoMa (San Francisco) are WAY more naked and outrageous but the people are more respectful and friendly. West Hollywood is characterized by youth obsessed old men hoping to seduce desperate kids into going home with them. It’s all very predictable and I never have a good time there.

  4. Drew…I just went through the Weho nights photos and I can tell you that in fact most of those photos were NOT taken at Mickys. There are 3 photos (I think) that I could tell were in fact taken at Mickys and in those three photos there is nothing tawdry going on (three, not most of) I suggest that before you post something you purport to be fact, you make sure that it is so and not just the cranking of the rumor mill. We have enough of that going on in Weho!!!

  5. These people are working in a gay bar as barely clothed erotic dancers (most of whom are porn stars) and half naked bartenders, WTF?!? Regardless of being gay or straight what in the Hell did these moron expect a bloody clerical job. As for porn playing or the evil patrons abusing the workers, no one forced them to stay!! They are all adults, if they don’t know how to set boundaries either with their boss or with the patrons they shouldn’t be doing the gig. I have worked jobs were the employer was an asshole and the environment was Hellish, guess what I didn’t sue my employer I quit and got a better job!! Further it’s actually the bartender’s job not to serve clients till they are or after they become abusive and if they do, HELLO security is there to deal with unruly patrons! Every time I have been there guys as big as houses are moving through the bar keeping the peace. The stupid attorney, who will lose this case, assumes that his clients worked there without knowledge of the situation or a choice or proper protection, none of this is true! Lastly, you are straight, you are actually looking for employment at GAY bar (go figure) and astonishingly the boss hires you but under one condition, you not divulge your sexual orientation. This will serve to make your life easier when dealing with the patrons as well as implying that your boss hires employees from the community, it’s a win win and you get paid. You agree to the terms, take the job and then complain you were forced not to divulge, really?!? Honestly, these people and there attorney are all money seeking idiots!

  6. So who are these Agrieved plantiffs? It’s public record, funny the attorney didn’t release their names.. Too afraid to come public! Or ashamed?

  7. I don’t know anything about the validity of employee’s case so I wont comment on that. But I have been saying for years to my friends that are dying for Gay marriage, be careful what you wish for. I believe in these issues as a matter of civil rights. But I am very skeptical of the motives of some activists – believing that having the ability to marry means that the majority will love us and that we are like them. Neither is true. We are not like straight society, at least culturally. Our history is different – being forced into the closets, being beaten, being harassed and even as I write this, many states are allowed to openly discriminate against us as is the Federal f@#% government. This leads to a lot of self hatred, and we all see what that looks like. But in the end, we are men. Sex and sexuality are completely different for us. And in an odd way, our poor treatment, our torment and the continued violation of our rights has, for me, produced a community in which I am proud and that I will gladly embrace where ever I am, in any small town on the planet. We have all the same issues of every other group – we are human after all. But we dance, and and have sex and love on a higher level. Human beings are evolving and I believe that Gay people (and our straight allies) are at the forefront of this evolution. I am not ashamed anymore, I do not need their approval and we are not like them. Can you imagine if we believed that, and their opinion about our “lifestyle” no longer mattered? I. have been going to Mickey’s for over a decade and they always push the limits, just like any straight strip club, or Sunset Strip bar does – that’s the point. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of malls or churches. Enjoy.

  8. Gay Men behave differently than Lesbians, Str8 Men or Str8 Women.
    If you go to a Gay Men’s Bar, you should expect behaviour that is exhiliarating and not shy of repression. A Gay Men’s Bar is a safe oasis from discrimination, judgement and the daily requirement to conform to straight world.
    Anyone entering Micky’s goes there to have a bawdy good time. If you are shy, sheltered, disturbed by gogo dancers or the occassional porn clip (which has to meet community decency standards)…then DO NOT ENTER. No one is forcing you to attend this bar or to apply for employment at this establishment.
    These few people filing a “sour grapes” lawsuit…their tips must’ve dried up much like their youth. Take the tips you earned and the lessons you learned and move on.
    There’s a line of younger, better looking, well adjusted and graciously endowed Gay and Str8 Men who would be happy to have the opportunities that a job at Micky’s would provide.

  9. To everyone saying that its just a gay bar and it shouldn’t matter – it does. They were hired under the pretext of being go-go boys or bar tenders, not working in a sex club… Furthermore, violating meal breaks and falsifying time cards are serious issues. But the worse is firing heterosexual or black employees. That’s discrimination…

  10. So, here we have a number of people commenting on social mores, perceived differences between gay and straight communities and venues, and inequality as justification for violating the law. That’s just sad. The world is not all sunshine and lollipops, of course. We have an imperfect system wherein corruption and unethical behavior is not always surfaced, let alone penalized. Yes, our rights as GLBTQ people have been violated and continue to be violated in many places through unequal application of the laws and protections of our communities, states and nation, as well as legislated by bigots and homophobes. But, look around. Get outside your comfort zone — whether Boyztown, Brentwood or the barrio — and listen to voices of so many who stand with us, especially young people. The world is changing. The more we promote and pursue the eye-for-an-eye argument, the more we strengthen the bigots’ maligning portrait of us as second-class citizens who deserve to live only in ghettos (e.g., WeHo), hold only certain jobs, and interact with only each other.

    If Micky’s has broken laws and violated individuals’ rights to a safe workplace, then they should be held responsible. Businesses have an obligation to protect employees and their rights. If the plaintiffs’ allegations are found to be false, then the cases will falter. However, at least one attorney believes they are at least worthy of investigation and consideration. This is how our system works, and for all its failings — and there are many — it is arguably one of the best legal systems in the world.

    To those who are so sure of their arguments, I suggest a quick reading of one of famed attorney Gerry Spence’s books, or view “A Civil Action.” Sometimes only one attorney has the courage and open mind to hear the things most of us might want to ignore, avoid or condemn. And, if you were one of the plaintiffs, or your child, nephew, sister or partner was, wouldn’t you be grateful for a fair hearing, if only by one person at first?. Attorneys are human beings, every one of them I have ever met, and it’s been many. Are all GLBTQ persons identical? No. I don’t like all attorneys, nor do I like all of us either. Please, check your prejudices at the door and take the higher ground. The view of our future is better from up here.

  11. I’m interested in hearing how this turns out; there are certainly some issues worth considering. But a 20 day trial? With each plaintiff’s award considered separately?? It sounds like hell for the unlucky jurors.

    (And what is “stealing and exhibiting a ‘West Hollywood attitude.'”?)

  12. And more research has reveled that in Fact Matthew Krupnick is according to this post on his web site a individual who is in fact a “…., gay, bisexual and transgender legal professionals under the age of 40 ” So it appears this is a gay lawyer under 40 suing a gay bar for what percentage of the money he wants? Ref : http://www.metnews.com/articles/2011/awar081211.htm

  13. You are all forgetting that some of the gay employees are in this lawsuit. It is not just the straight employees suing.

    Perhaps if Mickys closed up the front of their establishment, it might help things. But saying that this is how gays play is not a legal defense. Also, saying straights are not welcome looks and sounds REALLY bad. You can’t have it both ways. Acceptance (which you have here in WeHo) but separate (discrimination is illegal boys) doesn’t work. You must accept everybody in your establishments just as heterosexuals do.

  14. Mathew Krupnick should be ashamed of himself. For a gay attorney to try to shake down gay businesses is reprehensible. Everyone knows Micky’s. If you don’t like it, don’t go there. Don’t work there. But the customers there are having good clean fun and you should leave them be.

  15. Ridiculous suit. There are a FEW (too few) cities that allow TOTALLY nude go-go dancers. THAT’s what the gay capital of America needs too! James is right: “There should be a place for this. There should be no shame for public sexuality. If you don’t like it, don’t go . . . Just because there is acceptance now, does not mean there will always be . . . Freedom for gay people is temporary.”

  16. Thank You ” Just Relax . ” I find it so offensive to go to Micky’s and not to be able to ” belly up to the bar ” because some straight couple is taking up space ” sucking face . . . ” Do that in your own frigging establishments ; I doubt our displays of same would be tolerated in yours . . .

  17. You know what?! This is how we play as gay men. This is a gay bar!! This kind of entertainment was always acceptable until straight people started coming to our bars. Now, the straight people are crying foul. You know what….Straight people don’t need to come to our bars or our neighborhoods if they are going to judge or be offended…nor do they need to work in our bars We don’t impose these behaviors on anyone, but it’s part of our legacy as gay men and franky I’m proud of our sexual freedom.

  18. This attorney can go to hell. So can the idiots he represents. Why don’t they all get a freaken life and just start looking for new jobs. Makes me sick that a gay attorney would support this lawsuit. We should all protest in front of his office!!!

  19. What Micky’s should do from now on is make all new and current employees sign a contract that explicitly states the nature of their business; that’s what strip clubs do and so does the porn industry. You know why, because though what everyone sees going on is obvious, you will always have a few who will say they didn’t know. Get them to sign a contract and nip this crap in the bud; also if they are in violation of breaks and time keeping that sounds like a payroll issue and need to figure out which side is fraudulent and quick!!

  20. Unfortunately for pervy me, NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.

    My friends and I go to Mickey’s for drinks and chats almost every Saturday night. Gogo dancers in skimpy briefs? Yes! (and quite frankly, boring). Strippers, nudity, live sex acts, pornography? I’ve NEVER SEEN IT!

    The floor does get slippery and sticky sometimes but it’s NOT SEMEN.

    Where is this fantasy sex bar? I must go there.

  21. I don’t know the details but I hope Micky’s wins. Otherwise it just sets a standard that you can’t have sexual places without opening yourself up to a big lawsuit.

    I wonder why the plaintiffs decided to go public after 2 years of not going public. I would guess it’s to to turn up the heat with some bad publicity to force a settlement but this article just made me want to go to Micky’s. :-))

  22. While I think there should be designated places where all of this activity can happen, Micky’s is a regular bar/nightclub and has to follow the same rules as everyone else, gay or straight. If you want to see what goes on here, take a glance at this blog: http://nightsinweho.com/. You can tell that most of these photos are taken at Micky’s. Check it out and decide for yourself if they’re following the laws that govern every other bar in the state.

  23. I worked there, worst management I’ve ever come across. I left after the first week. All the allegations are true, and it’s not only heterosexuals making complaints…im proudly gay. If I never went back to Mickeys it’d be too soon.

  24. These so call straight men working in gay bars are gay pay just want quick cash from patrons therefore they need to stay out . And get real job in your world,instead being a fraud ….

  25. You don’t buy a house next door to a night club and complain about the noise. You shouldn’t apply for, and work in a place where the environment is (in your opinion) offensive. If someone chose to work in that environment, then they have no right to complain. I wouldn’t go to work in a wastewater plant and complain that the odor was offensive…

  26. This is nothing more than a opportunist lawyer, Matthew Krupnick, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit against Mickey’s, to gain money and recognition for himself. He is not taking on this case for free. I am sure the plaintiffs have put up a significant retainer. See how long he lasts when that retainer runs out.

  27. Amazing that anyone is wasting their time on this sort of lawsuit, or that anyone is concerned about the welfare of the LGBT community over this. It’s a bar. Adults only. How many bars around the city have nude or semi-nude female dancers. And although I’ve never been to one, my straight friends tell me that they have rooms for “private” dances and pretty much anything goes as long as you’re willing to pony up the bucks. I could care less. And why would we care what straight people think about gay bars? They have a million other places to go in Los Angeles. And, excuse me, but isn’t The Abbey “the most popular gay bar in the world” (not my words) being investigated for the alleged rape of several (straight) FEMALE patrons by STRAIGHT male dancers. That’s way worse if you ask me, but where’s the outrage over that? And yet I still pass by the place and you can’t get inside because of the line of straight girls and they boyfriends waiting in line to get in. Shut that place down! Oh – they won’t because there’s too much media attention. Personally I’m going to start going to Mickey’s again. Sounds awesome!

  28. My stand on LGBT humans speaks for itself. If a “community” chooses to fight for equality then they are subject to equal opportunity for criticism and comment. If Mr. Goldenberg rereads my comments he will see that I am suggesting they close up the front and carry on doing what they want. The disgruntled employees can probably find other jobs at their chosen professions. They are not indentured. As it happens I had a neighbor who was a bartender at Mickey’s for the two years he lived in my building. He was straight and I never heard any negative comments from him. He made good money.

    What I do find fascinating are the overarching defenses about what folks do in Mickey’s – just as I don’t take seriously straight men, who drool at the Bada Bings of the world and then concoct defenses for their watering holes, neither do I take seriously gay men who do the equivalant at gay bars either. Horny is horny.

  29. Only thing this article makes me want to do is move to Weho 🙂 There are female strip club that are far worse.

  30. In all the times I’ve been to Mickey’s over the years, I’ve never seen anything like what was described. From what I can tell, the club has employed a diverse group of people. I’ve never seen hardcore porn on the video screens.

    I wonder how many of these shocked former employees went on to do the same thing (bartender, security, go-go dancing, etc.) at other gay clubs in LA? As pointed out by others, Mickey’s isn’t alone in offering nearly naked young men in a quest to pump up flagging revenue being sucked away from bars by the Internet. From Silver Lake area bars like MJ’s and The Faultline to other WeHo bars like FUBAR, Trunks and Eleven, it’s all pretty much the same thing and the same group of rotating promoters and strippers.

    If the allegations are true, it does sound like a line was crossed. How much is that worth? Certainly not $19 million. But I’d be surprised if there was really photographic or video evidence to support the claims. Let’s not forget that in Hollywood, what you see isn’t always real. For example, the claim that a stripper was walking around with semen on his face and chest is pretty inflammatory. However, we should know that many a “load” has been simulated/faked for porn shoots (particularly if an intended target was missed) and that what was observed could easily have been faked to titillate the crowd. Unless there were witnesses as to how this semen-like substance got on someone’s face/chest, it could just as easily have been some powdered sugar and water. And all this is done in the desperate search for cash tips.

  31. If they win, there should be a class action suit against the employees that benefited from the hundred of thousands in tips while working on that “hostile work environment” . The patrons wouldnt be there and tip if the “hostile” environment was not there to begin with.

  32. I’m all for following the labor laws. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that.

    In terms of everything else, if people don’t like it, they don’t have to go or don’t have to work there…yet, look at how many people still go there…doesn’t seem to be turning that many people away. If it’s on their property, they should be allowed to do whatever they want (maybe covering the windows wouldn’t be much to ask). These people aren’t being forced to work there either.

    “No one should be required to work in an environment with this going on all around them.” Yeah, nobody is required to work in an environment like that, yet those people are the ones who chose the job, and I can guarantee saw it happening before they took on the job. It’s no requirement for them to work there. Nowhere here does it even mention that management was REQUIRING them to engage in these mentioned activities!

    “As a gay man who fights for the rights of LGBT people, to see gays in a position of such authority and ability abusing that authority and ability in the way the club is doing is offensive to me. I’m motivated to ensure this never happens again in our town.” THEN DON’T GO THERE! So can I go walk into a straight strip club and sue them because I don’t like watching women strip? I like how this statement came from the lawyer though and none of the plaintiffs.

    “Why aren’t people talking about what’s going on at Micky’s?” Probably because other people don’t care? If they don’t like it, they don’t go. Simple as that. They don’t sue them. And trying to get $15 MILLION. So now you’re going to put innocent people out of work and take down a gay establishment that allows the LGBT community to gather freely. For someone who seems to be so concerned about the LGBT community, they seem to be doing a lot more harm than good.

    I’d be shocked if they have any evidence in this case besides a bunch of here-say from some disgruntled employees.

  33. I agree with many of the comments saying, if you don’t like it, don’t go there, or work there. It’s a gay club, for heaven’s sake; exposing your genitals is hardly an act of “desperation.” As far as I can tell, it’s common knowledge which employees are gay, and which are straight, and nobody really cares.

  34. So we as gay people are saying to the country that we are “normal” and wanted to be treated not as sexual deviants but truly equal with the freedom to marry and adopt, but a little jizz on a go-go dancer never hurt anybody? WTF?

  35. “The bar also is under state investigation for 14 counts of lewd conduct and two counts of giving away alcoholic beverages, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).” If the state makes findings on some or all of the 14 counts of lewd conduct as valid these findings would weigh heavily in the eyes of a judge/jury. If the state makes findings against you those findings can be judicially noticed in a subsequent civil proceeding. If the ABC wasn’t involved I would say the case may have less of a chance, but the mere fact that the business is being investigated suggests that the employees will prevail.

  36. I do recall going there many moons ago. they had a night when they did play hardcore porn and at a certain hour of the night all the gogo dancers for 60secs would dance with out undies. that saying. they were covering their junk with their hands. but that was the extent of it. harmless fun.

  37. California is an at will state. they had the right to walk out if the nature of conduct offended that a lone puts their claim in the bogus category.

  38. I’ve seen “lewd” conduct at hetero establishments and it’s completed tolerated. If you a hetero don’t work at a gay bar and we won’t work at your bars.

  39. Sidney – your comment smacks of discrimination. That’s another whole lawsuit. Don’t tempt the litigious

  40. Friday night is Lollipop Night. I believe – if I understand the the HUGE sign of the man giving (oral sex) to another man that it must have to do with (oral sex). My husband asked if I thought they were offering a free drink to cleanse the palate or towels or just the chance to give someone (oral sex). Could be all of the above. If the bar is a public venue and they have stepped past the line of reasonable visible behavior then maybe they should be a private club. The same goes for Bada Bings with naked pole dancers swinging their tits and giving lap dances. I find it a tad tacky in either case – and Micky’s is open to the street. (Lap dances, (oral sex), pole dancers and still they arrest hookers.)
    Marco’s comment is about the way I feel about it all. Close up the front and carry on – but with money changing hands for drinks and tips – they do leave themselves open for litigation.

  41. I’ve worked with Mickey’s management for charity functions and seen them be really clear about no wieners shown, no holes, never seen porn on the screens, seen multiple race employees, and have talked with dancers and bartenders about their being straight and working there. And then I wonder…. they stuck around for all this without complaint until AFTER they were fired?

  42. I have often said, we can do more harm to ourselves, we do not need outsiders to HATE us! PLEASE give me a break! Every bartender in any gay bar gets off to working shirtless and having people hit on them! It is part of the job, it is how they make their tips, and they know it when they go to work in a gay bar. Give me a break with these “high morals”!!!! Just another opportunity for people to “shake down” a successful bar owner. The accusations are going to be very difficult to prove, unless they have the owners on tape telling them to do these things! It is sickening! If people do not like their jobs, that they knew they were getting in to, then QUIT.

  43. I’ve been to Mickey’s many times and it’s always an enjoyable experience. Yes sometimes the dancers get a little raunchy, but that’s one of the attractions! I’ve seen every ethnicity working there over the years, so I don’t think discrimination is valid. If someone is offended by sexually explicit behavior in a gay bar, they shouldn’t work there, that’s always part of the environment at all gay bars. The lawsuit sounds frivolous to me.

  44. I’m Sorry. It’s a GAY bar. People still get gay bashed. So in the “safe” confines of “a bar” the scene gets crazy. THIS sounds like a group of free loaders trying to take an opportunity with LEGAL REPRESENTATION( what do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean??? A good start!!!) For a financial shake down. When I wasn’t happy at my job I quit!! There are no victims only volunteers.

  45. Well, just look at Micky’s track record with the other lawsuits, obviously they weren’t guilty many times though people attempted to come at them. It’s just people using the system to try to make a buck. I have been going there 3-4 nights a week on average for about 15 years. The claims made here are LOCO!!!! Micky’s could get 1,000 witnesses for every one of their complaints that the strippers were nude or had jizz on their face. Are you kidding me? If that was happening, I would have been there more nights a week!!! It’s just the turn of the tides of equality. Straight people saw gays winning lawsuits because their employers for decades encouraged them to stay in the closet to be the most successful, now the tables have turned. The difference is these people actively made the choice to work in a gay bar. As far as the race card, they have employees of all colors, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientation. Go on any night and you will see a str8 bartender, latins, mexicans, whatever working in the club in various positions. SHENANIGANS!!!!

  46. There should be a place for this. There should be no shame for public sexuality. If you don’t like it, don’t go. If we always have to hide, and we are just supposed to go get married and assimilate, what will happen after our silence is heard? Just because there is acceptance now, does not mean there will always be. Berlin? Just saying. Freedom for gay people is temporary.

  47. There is a difference between go-go dancing and sexually explicit activity, particularly visible to on lookers walking by which is often the case with Micky’s. They push the envelope a bit too far and it is easily understandable that working conditions there may be uncomfortable. After all it is “Boztown” and not a “Red Light District”. It is fairly common to see the dancers masturbating and stroking themselves under their shorts and often exposing their genitals in desperation for a tip. Micky’s has sort of set the tacky standard and sadly every bar including Trunks sees a need to follow.

  48. ” hardcore gay pornography played on big-screen TVs throughout the club during working hours.” ….. when do they work? I’ve been there at various times throughout the day, afternoon and evening, including after-hours and have NEVER seen anything remotely close to “hardcore” porn playing anywhere in the club unless the plaintiffs think that shirtless photos are hardcore. LOL Me thinks someone is exaggerating their claim to sensationalize the propaganda!

  49. Silly. It’s kind of like working in porn, and complaining about nudity. It’s not like this was happening at a McDonald’s.

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