WeHo’s Abbey Sued Over Alleged Rapes

The Abbey
The Abbey (Photo by Jon Viscott)

Two women have filed a lawsuit against the Abbey claiming they were drugged and raped by employees of the famous West Hollywood gay bar, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ, a gay woman alleges in November 2011 she ordered a drink at the bar that was laced with a date rape drug before a busboy allegedly took her outside and raped her.

Another woman claims she also was allegedly served a drink with a date rape drug in April 2011, and that an undocumented worker at the Abbey took her across the street to his car and raped her, TMZ reports.

More detail to come…

  1. Just because someone files a lawsuit doesn’t mean it’s true. Let’s see if this actually goes to trial and is there a criminal investigation ongoing? If not, you have your answer…

  2. First the alleged lewd conduct and serving underaged at Micky’s and now this. West Hollywood’s reputation is looking a little sleazy.

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