PHOTOS: Tower Records Site Through the Years

In 2012’s “Rock of Ages,” starring Tom Cruise, the Sunset Strip is recreated to show some of WeHo’s most famous rock landmarks from the 1980s.

Tower Records is included, as well as The Roxy, Whisky a Go Go, Filthy McNasty’s (now the Viper Room), Gazzarri’s (now Key Club), Book Soup and Ben Frank’s eatery (now Mel’s Diner).

Above, see a scene from the movie set in the recreated Tower Records store.



Read about the history of Tower Records here.

Read “In ‘Unchartered Territory,’ WeHo Historic Preservation Commission Delays Tower Records Decision,” here.

  1. The presence of a 2000s-era Lexus in the Muntz shot makes it obvious that’s not the site in the 1960s. Your photo is of the Muntz facility in Ventura, CA (at 2834 E Main St).

  2. Wow…I remember standing in line for hours to meet Oingo Boingo at their final meet-n-greet there. Drove all the way from Bakersfield.

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