PHOTOS: Tower Records Site Through the Years

In 2012, the City Council twice denied proposals for a Centrum Sunset project to be built on the site. Originally, the proposal included a three-story, 47,000-square-foot building, with an upscale David Barton boutique gym and spa to be the main tenant. Area residents strongly opposed the project, citing the video signage on the building and estimated 1,200 car trips a day the project would produce. A revised project, without the David Barton Gym, was also not approved by the City Council.

Click below to see the site as Live! On Sunset.

  1. The presence of a 2000s-era Lexus in the Muntz shot makes it obvious that’s not the site in the 1960s. Your photo is of the Muntz facility in Ventura, CA (at 2834 E Main St).

  2. Wow…I remember standing in line for hours to meet Oingo Boingo at their final meet-n-greet there. Drove all the way from Bakersfield.

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