PHOTOS: Tower Records Site Through the Years


For 36 years, Tower Records was among the many music landmarks along the Sunset Strip. But did you know, 8801 Sunset Boulevard has a long, and storied history before Tower Records, including the site of where Earl “Madman” Muntz sold the very first car stereos?

The site also was once home to a drive-in restaurant and showcase apartment for Shoreham Towers.

In the next few pages, take a look at photos spanning much of the site’s history.

Click below to see the site as Dolores Restaurant.

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It was THE place for the music scene in Los Angeles.

George Vreeland Hill

6 years ago

The presence of a 2000s-era Lexus in the Muntz shot makes it obvious that’s not the site in the 1960s. Your photo is of the Muntz facility in Ventura, CA (at 2834 E Main St).

Henry E. (Hank) Scott
6 years ago
Reply to  shoreham-6

The photo caption does not say that it was taken in the 1960s.

Don C
Don C
7 years ago

As permanent as anything else in L.A.

7 years ago

Wow…I remember standing in line for hours to meet Oingo Boingo at their final meet-n-greet there. Drove all the way from Bakersfield.