WeHo’s Gay Men’s Chorus, in Kansas, Incurs the Wrath of Westboro


The West Hollywood-based Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles has traveled into the heart of Kansas to spread an anti-bullying LGBT message, and ultra-extreme Westboro Baptist Church sure doesn’t like it.

The Gay Men’s Chorus is there for its theatre production of the “It Gets Better” Tour, bearing an anti-bullying, suicide prevention message to at-risk LGBT youth. The event will feature video and text projections from the national “It Gets Better” movement.

Westboro Baptist Church has promised to picket the event, to be held at the Lied Center of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday, Feb.16 at 7:30 p.m. The event is located just 30 miles from the infamous anti-gay church.

The church has been criticized for, among many things, picketing funerals of gay victims of murder, and brags that it pickets six locations every day, and up to 15 churches on Sundays.

Below, see how Westboro is picketing the event, but be warned, the church is known for its offensive remarks.


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