Tom DeMille – Candidate Statement

Council Candidate

As a twenty year resident in the City of West Hollywood I am a veteran of hundreds of public hearings and events.  This is my fourth run for West Hollywood City Council.  I am a graduate of the Sheriff’s Department of Community Policing Academy.

Why I want to run:

  • First and foremost “To be a fresh new voice of the people”
  • Increase the lighting throughout all of West Hollywood to help curb local crimes.  Creating “unified” policing by the Sherriff’s Dept and our Citizens.
  • Installing Camera’s on the Santa Monica and Sunset to help the Sherriff’s Dept catch criminals will make our city safer to all of its residents.
  • Seniors and the Disabled Residents of West Hollywood who live on “Fixed Incomes” often go hungry at different points of the year – I propose opening a West Hollywood Food Bank to help those of our citizens that need occasional help.
  • Our Russian Community also needs to be celebrated as a unique community, I want their needs and voices to be heard as well, and therefore I call for Public hearings in Plummer Park to help address this specific community.
  • Expand public comment.

The budget for the City of West Hollywood has doubled since the first time I ran for City Council back in 1999 and still our neighborhoods are in need of capital improvements such as sidewalks, greenways for pets.  I would also propose building a new Sherriff’s station to give them updated resources to help them fully police our community.

Vote for change.

Thank you;  Tom Demille