Jeffrey Prang – Candidate Statement

Mayor / City Councilmember

West Hollywood is heralded internationally as the small city with a big heart; a creative city that encourages entrepreneurs and innovators while providing care and compassion for the neediest among us. I am proud to have built a reputation as a responsive public official who has always put you first. I am committed to ensuring that you have the best quality of life, whether you live, work, or visit our community.

As your Mayor and Councilmember, I have worked hard to be a strong and sensible neighborhood advocate. Every decision I’ve made through the years has had one guiding theme: forwarding pragmatic and progressive policies that preserve and protect the city we call home.

My record reflects my common sense and consistent commitment to you and your neighborhood. While I am for smart growth, I have only supported projects that minimize the impact on traffic and parking and opposed those that don’t. I have been the leading advocate for landmark preservation and practical restraint against overdevelopment.

Public safety has been my top priority, leading the effort to increase our public safety budget by $1 million.

During my time on the Council, we opened our incredible new library; a vital new focal point for community sharing and caring. We rebuilt Santa Monica Boulevard, a new fire station, community center, five new parks and over 1700 new public parking spaces. During this robust growth, I’ve made sure that our streets are pothole free and our sidewalks clean.

I’m known as a champion for people in need, investing over $5.5 million annually in an array of important human services, including resources for HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, healthcare, food assistance, and employment services. We’ve planned and built over 336 affordable housing units for seniors and the disabled.

Our greatest source of pride is how much we celebrate diversity and I’m an unwavering supporter for the eclectic make-up of our community, advocating daily for LGBT and women’s rights, and for our Russian-speaking residents.

If re-elected, I intend to maintain the transparency, access, and openness that have been a hallmark of my leadership on Council. I pledge to broaden my long-term commitment to animal welfare, parking, historic preservation, election reform, and fiscal accountability.

I respectfully ask for your vote on March 5th so that I can continue providing common sense leadership for our neighborhoods, for economic prosperity and social justice for our future.