Argument In Favor of Measure C and Rebuttal

Argument in Favor of Measure C

We love West Hollywood for its unique neighborhoods, its bustling restaurants and nightlife, its small businesses, its historic resources and its creative and diverse people.

West Hollywood is known as the “Creative City,” but our future depends on fresh, new leadership at City Hall. We believe West Hollywood has a brighter future with your YES vote on Measure C.

Your YES vote on Measure C establishes a limit of three, four-year terms for city councilmembers.

Your YES vote on Measure C will reduce the power and influence of City Hall bureaucrats, lobbyists and other special interests.

Your YES vote on Measure C means that our city council and commissions will be regularly renewed with fresh leadership with new ideas for the future.

Your YES vote on Measure C will encourage councilmembers to make their time in office count to the fullest. Your YES vote on Measure C will allow current officeholders an opportunity to serve for up to 12 more years should we choose to re-elect them.

Measure C is modeled on the 12-year term limits adopted for the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and many cities across California. Term limits have led to more diversity among public officials – making city, county and state governments more representative of the people.

Currently, we have some councilmembers who have been in office more than 20 years. Your YES vote on Measure C will put an end to career politicians, who the longer they stay in office, the less responsive they are to their constituents.

Your YES vote on Measure C will ensure that our city government is more open, honest, effective, accessible and accountable to the voters.

Please join West Hollywood’s broad coalition of renters, homeowners, seniors, local business owners, long-time residents – your neighbors: vote YES on Measure C!

Elyse D. Eisenberg, Former VP, Warner Bros; Chair, WeHo Heights

Sheila Lightfoot, Community Advocate

Scott Olin Schmidt, West Hollywood Community Organizer

Cathy Blaivas, Co-Founder Protect Plummer Park

Lauren Meister, Neighborhood Advocate


Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure C

The West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Democratic Club urges you to vote No on this Republican-backed measure.

Respected leaders in the Russian-speaking community urge you to vote No on Measure C.

The head of the Coalition for Economic Survival, the leading tenants’ rights organization says Measure C endangers rent control and tenants’ rights in West Hollywood.

Measure C was put on the ballot with the help of the same tea-party people who passed Proposition 8. That’s why long-time leaders in the LGBT community all oppose Measure C.

Business leaders believe Measure C is a threat to West Hollywood’s financial security.  With a multi-million dollar city budget, West Hollywood can’t afford to have inexperienced and unqualified leadership.

West Hollywood voters have previously rejected term limits as undemocratic. Some of the people behind this measure have run for City Council many times but they can’t get elected. Now they want to rig the election rules. Measure C would deny you the right to vote for the candidate of your choice.  Don’t let these cynical political operatives take away your choice. Vote No on Measure C.

Democratic leaders, Russian-speaking leaders, tenants’ rights advocates, LGBT leaders and Business leaders all agree:  Vote No on Measure C.

John Duran, Councilmember, City of West Hollywood

Yefim Stolyarsky, President, Russian Veterans Association

Ivy Bottini, Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board

Larry Gross, Executive Director, Coalition for Economic Survival

Sofia Komskaya, Former Commissioner, Public Safety

Argument Against Measure C and Rebuttal

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