10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in West Hollywood

Below, we present the 10 most expensive homes currently on the market in West Hollywood.

See where they are, who’s selling them and, most importantly, for how much.


1326 N. Fairfax, West Hollywood



847 Hammond Street, West Hollywood


355 N Almont Dr


1012 N Genesee


425 Westmount Dr


8748 Holloway Dr


8835 Betty Way


8937 Rosewood Ave


7822 Oceanus Dr


8875 Cynthia St

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The little bungalow on Betty Way for #1.5M? With that giant apartment building looking down on it? There is no privacy! That is crazy.


some of these tiny huts look like they’re worth about 80k bucks, not 1 million; we have much nicer homes than this where we live!


A little more research may be warranted. The Oceanus home is not in WeHo but up on Mount Olympus, and the Cynthia home is actual two townhomes even though it is listed as a single family home.