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  • Gay Guys Do ‘Sex and the City’ in This L.A. Video

    Gay Guys Do ‘Sex and the City’ in This L.A. Video

    Eddie Klein and his friends groaned at HBO’s “Looking” and responded with this parody of the famous TV series.

  • Courtney Act – Mean Gays

    Courtney Act – Mean Gays

    Courtney Act pokes fun at the men of West Hollywood with “Mean Gays,” her new pop single.

  • The Horizon

    The Horizon

    One of the most watched gay web series in the world, The Horizon weaves a story of love and friendship (and drag!) in Sydney, Australia.

  • Tough Love

    Tough Love

    Tough Love, a sitcom about two roommates from New York’s third-coolest borough. She’s a train wreck lesbian in denial, and he’s her uptight GBF.

  • Twenty Five

    Twenty Five

    Twenty Five, a web series following three young twenty-five-year-olds in New York City.

    LOGO legitimized gay life as a TV subject. But YouTube and Vimeo have sparked a second gay video liberation. Now gay TV has gone viral, with a wide range of choices and quality. WEHOville offers some of the best gay web series (comedy and drama), music videos and one-offs online.

    Gay Web Series: COMEDY

    6 Ways Gay Guys Piss People Off

    6 Ways Gay Guys Piss People Off

    Pornomedy’s Jason Farone doesn’t hold back in calling out six ways gay people piss people off (but aren’t there more?) Read More | View series

    Acting Out gay web series

    Acting Out

    A young gay actor tries to avoid being typecast by “faking it straight.” Read More | View series

    Anyone But Me gay web series

    Anyone But Me

    A series that follows the lives of a group of teenagers in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Read More | View series

    Bloomers gay web series


    A group of friends in Los Angeles are tired of being in their 20-somethings although not quite ready to bloom into their 30-somethings. Read More | View series

    Bob and Andrew gay web series

    Bob and Andrew

    Bob, a newly out of the closet gay man, and his buddy Andrew, a hapless and socially awkward writer, navigate the day to day of their twentysomething lives. Read More | View series

    Chicos Angels gay web series

    Chicos Angels

    Follow three Latinas who have been fighting crime, solving mysteries and falling in love in cha-cha heels since 2003. Read More | View series

    Dates screencap with two men talking at a bar.


    Dates, a new (gay) web series by Alejandro Morales, is one of the best things to happen to same-sex dating in a long time. Read More | View series

    Day Drunk Gays screenshot of all the gays at brunch.

    Day Drunk Gays

    From writer Ean Weslynn and director Ben Simons comes Day Drunk Gays, a comedy series about…well, gays who get drunk at brunch. Read More | View series

    Drama Queez gay web series

    Drama Queenz

    A comedy web series, now in its third season, about three friends and roommates dealing with life, love and auditioning in New York City. Read More | View series

    Gay Nerds web series comic-graphic

    Gay Nerds

    GAY NERDS is a tongue-in-cheek web series about a group of gay nerds and their comic misadventures that parody popular television shows and movies. Read More | View series

    Gay's Anatomy gay web series

    Gay’s Anatomy

    An independent comedy about three young urologists who work hard, play harder and touch your privates for a living. Read More | View series

    He's With Me: Martin and Ted at a Bar

    He’s With Me

    From Sebastian La Cause comes “He’s With Me,” a laugh-out-loud series about two friends. Ted is straight. Martin…isn’t. When they meet at Eddie’s wedding and become friends, the ensuing confusion shows how little they all know about being modern day men and how much they know about being there for each other. Read More | View series

    Hunting Season gay web series

    Hunting Season

    Based on the popular blog “The Great Cock Hunt,” Hunting Season follows gay New Yorkers and their straight friends navigating their love and work lives in NYC. A gay “Sex and the City.” Read More | View series

    Husbands gay web series


    A modern spin on the classic premise of the newlywed sitcom. Read More | View series

    in between men gay web series

    In Between Men

    A sexy dramedy series that “follows four friends who are living in New York City ‘in between’ a gay world, whose clichés they don’t relate to, and a straight world they don’t belong to.” Cast includes Michelle Clunie (“Queer as Folk”) and Chase Coleman (“Boardwalk Empire”). Read More | View series

    it could be worse gay web series

    It Could Be Worse

    From creators Wesley Taylor (“Smash”) and Mitchell Jarvis comes this dark-comedy series. Starring Taylor as “Jacob Gordon,” an actor who just can’t seem to catch a break between a grueling Broadway industry, his wacky parents and a clingy ex-boyfriend. Includes performances by a slew of Tony Award-winning and -nominated stars. Read More | View series

    It Gets Betterish gay web series

    It Gets Betterish

    A series about Glazer and Sullivan, two gay best friends dealing with all sorts of homosexual dilemmas. Read More | View series

    Jenifer Lewis and Shangela gay web series

    Jenifer Lewis and Shangela

    Follow the comic adventures of Ms. Lewis and Shangela as the show-biz mega-diva mentors the up-and-coming drag performer who lives in the basement apartment of her Hollywood mansion. Read More | View series

    Mister App gay web series

    Mister App

    Funny videos from the dating app that caters to older gay men and the young men who love them and shuns “meat-market” dating. Read More | View series

    Mugs Gay Web Series


    Comedy and teen angst, all wrapped into one. Mugs follows Kevin, a high schooler, who gets his first job and becomes more comfortable with his sexuality. Complete with a cute coffee-worker named Charlie and a hilarious cross-dressing housemaid with an excellent accent. Produced and directed by Mckenzie Figueiredo. Read More | View series

    Old Dogs New Tricks gay web series

    Old Dogs & New Tricks

    Four diverse and successful West Hollywood men, each middle-aged, wonder if their sex lives end as they approach 50. Read More | View series

    Out With Dad gay web series

    Out With Dad

    A series about a lesbian daughter coming out to a single father. Read More | View series

    Queens gay web series


    A comedy about living in, and with, Queens. Read More | View series



    Best friends Sam and Alex, both recently single, have found the perfect apartment. But there’s a catch: they have to convince their neighbors that they’re a couple to keep it. Featured exclusively on OML tello: The Lesbian Media Site. View the trailer

    Steam Room Stories gay web series

    Steam Room Stories

    Sexy guys serve up steamy comedy in a steam room. Read More | View series

    the 3 bits gay web series

    The 3 Bits

    “The 3 Bits” follows three siblings — Henry, Roman and Madison Bits — as they muck things up. The web series is made independently in Brooklyn and streamed everywhere. You’ll enjoy the three episode arcs for each sibling: Henry’s, about two young gays who don’t have a clue between them; Roman’s, a lesbian crime drama, and Madison’s, a “mommy blog on crack.” Created by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer. Read More | View series

    The Log Jam gay web series

    The Log Jam

    A series that follows three gay conservative lonelyhearts at a local gay Republican bar where owner and bartender Nancy Reagan offers stiff drinks and blunt advice. Read More | View series

    The Variants gay web series

    The Variants

    The web series that shows what it’s like to work the counter at your favorite comic book store. Read More | View series

    The Vessel gay web series

    The Vessel

    A British comedy about becoming a surrogate for your gay best friends. Read More | View series

    Tough Love screenshot of Steven and Blair sitting on a couch.

    Tough Love

    Tough Love, a sitcom web series about two roommates living in Queens. She’s a train wreck lesbian in denial, and he’s her uptight GBF. Read More | View series

    TwentyFive logo and cast members.

    Twenty Five

    Twenty Five, a new web series following three young twenty-five-year-olds in New York City. Read More | View series

    wallflowers gay web series


    A new comedy series about four “hopelessly single” friends in New York – Bryce, Daisy, Martin and Victoria – who all belong to a dating support group. Starring Chad Kimball (“Memphis”) as Bryce, a gay casting agent, and Gideon Glick (“it could be worse”) as Todd, a temp at his agency. Written and directed by Kieran Turner. Read More | View series

    Weeklings gay web series

    Weeklings! With Louis Virtel

    Opinions on the week’s biggest news from AfterElton’s West Coast entertainment editor. Read More | View series

    Where the Bears Are gay web series

    Where The Bears Are

    This comedy mystery web series follows the exploits of three gay bear roommates living together in Silver Lake. Read More | View series

    Gay Web Series: DRAMA

    Conversations With My Ex gay web series

    Conversations With My Ex

    By FIFTY2&NINE comes an LGBT-themed web series about the complexities of relationships. Set in New York City, “Conversations with My Ex” focuses on three ex-couples (one gay, one straight and one lesbian) and their varying levels of modern interconnectedness. Featured exclusively on Gwist TV. Read More | View series

    Eastsiders gay web series


    “EastSiders” explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in Silver Lake. Read More | View series

    Gossip Boy

    Gossip Boy

    Gossip Boy follows Jairus, recently turned 18, starting his life as a young gay man, and Mat, a 39-year-old who’s dealing with a recent breakup. A gay series that is both intense and sweet. Read More | View series

    Hustling gay web series


    Sebastian La Cause’s first series, a 2013 Webby Award Honoree and winner of three Indie Soap Awards. “Hustling” follows Ryan Crosby (La Cause), “a sex-worker who realizes he wants more from life when he turns 40. His path to transformation is filled with peculiar situations, sex romps and reminders of the life he’s trying to leave behind.” Read More | View series

    Male Gays Subjects

    Male Gays

    Male Gays is a new web docu-series brought to you by director Blake Pruitt featuring young gay men sharing their experiences and opinions on queer life in a series of frank interviews. Read More | View series

    The Boys Who Brunch

    The Boys Who Brunch

    A series that follows four gay friends who meet for weekly brunch to talk about their hookups, loves and losses. Think “Sex and the City” meets “Queer as Folk.” Read More | View series

    The Hinterlands screenshot in a high school.

    The Hinterlands

    In The Hinterlands, a six-part musical miniseries, Paul struggles to keep his head above water as he confronts intolerance, his sexuality and the rocky path of adolescence. Read More | View series

    The Horizon screenshot of dancing scene.

    The Horizon

    One of the most watched gay web series in the world, The Horizon weaves a story of love and friendship (and drag!) in Sydney, Australia. Read More | View series

    The Outs gay web series

    The Outs

    A crowd-funded series about gay life in NYC that will make you feel something. Read More | View series


    Whatever this is.

    Another crowd-funded hit from writer-director Adam Goldman (The Outs). Whatever this is. follows Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron), two production assistants in New York, and Lisa (Madeline Wise), Sam’s girlfriend. Read More | View series


    Oh Father screenshot with Anthony Starble boxing his "dad."

    Anthony Starble – Oh Father

    Gay singer-songwriter, Anthony Starble, presents a candid take on the relationship between a gay man and his father. Set in a boxing rink, Starble’s touching song gives us an angst-ridden look at what it’s like to fight a father on being “different.” Read more | View the video


    Blake McIver – Wish I Didn’t Need You

    Child star turned hot go go boy, Blake McIver, debuts his new single “Wish I Didn’t Need You” with a sexy, gay video about love and loss. Read more | View the video

    Cheyenne Jackson Don't Wanna Know still

    Cheyenne Jackson – Don’t Wanna


    Gay celebrity and Gossipmonger star, Cheyenne Jackson, brings one of his first music videos, a gay dance video about getting over your ex. Catchy song, cute dancers, and Cheyenne Jackson? We’re in. Find out more | View the video

    Courtney Act stands with three male models.  

    Courtney Act – Mean Gays

    RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 top three contestant, Courtney Act, releases a fun video about the “Mean Gays” of West Hollywood. Packed with hot boys, injection tans and protein powder. Find out more | View the video

    Eli Lieb Young Love scene

    Eli Lieb – Young Love

    Out singer/songwriter, Eli Lieb, has been somewhat of a Youtube star as of late. “Young Love” put him on the map with its feel-good attitude and unapologetic subject of two gay boys in love. Starring Aaron Milo. Read more | View the video

    Don't Ask Me Why screencap

    Great Caeser – Don’t Ask Me


    Great Caeser releases “Don’t Ask Me Why” music video for MLK Day that features three interwoven stories of racism, homophobia and intolerance. It completely blows us away, and it’ll do it to you too. Read more | View the video

    John Grant Glacier video still with track title.

    John Grant – Glacier

    John Grant presents moving music video for “Glacier”, a pro-LGBT song featuring clips from US LGBT history showing intolerance and pride. Read more | View the video

    To Russia With Love still

    Short, Back and Sides/Davey Wavey –

    To Russia With (GAY) Love

    Back from his world tour, Davey Wavey enlists the help of London barbershop quartet, Short, Back and Sides, to present a video of his thousands of fans signing a letter of support for Russian anti-gay victims. Find out more | View the video

    Steve Grand with a guitar

    Steve Grand – All American Boy

    The first gay country singer to hit it big time and one of Out’s 2013 OUT100. Steve Grand is a cute taste of country that you’ve been dying to watch. Check out the video that made him a star. Find out  more | View the video


    Todrick Hall – Cinderfella

    Todrick Hall’s gay take on the Cinderella story starring Willam Belli as a stepsister and Lance Bass as prince charming. With a charming message at the end. Watch more | View the video

    Boy is a Bottom still

    Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox – Boy is a


    This hysterical parody of “Girl is on Fire” stars Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox singing to and harassing a “bottom” boy. View the video


    Eight Types of Gay Guys I've Dated intro logo.

    8 Types of Gay Guys I’ve Dated

    – Buzzfeed

    A BuzzFeed video takes a look at gay dating types — West Hollywood style. Read more | View the video

    First Kiss (Gay Version)

    New Zealand’s Love Your Condoms has created a “First Kiss” gay version, filled with sweet first kisses by strangers. Read more | View the video [/half_last]

    GayPropaganda "The Peace Sign" video still, showing a man being restrained while holding a rainbow flag and holding up 2 fingers for peace.

    #GayPropaganda – Stand with

    LGBT Russia

    #GayPropaganda has produced 3 outstanding PSA videos that recreate iconic images of the anti-gay backlash currently plaguing Russia. Read more | View the videos

    Video still of GMCLA singing in Russia.

    GMCLA – We Shall Overcome

    The Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus has posted a video contrasting its 1999 Moscow performance with the current anti-gay environment in Russia. Read more | View the video

    Davey Wavey Hunky Guys Sex Quiz still

    Hunky Guys Sex Quiz

    Youtube personality, Davey Wavey, asks hunky Bel Ami stars some questions about sexual lingo. Read more | View the video

    It Gets Better video featuring founder, Dan Savage.

    It Gets Better Project – Dan and Terry

    In September 2010, Dan Savage and partner, Terry Miller, started the “It Gets Better” movement with this video. Read more | View the video

    Impulse Group's Knowing video still


    Impulse Group brings you a sexy PSA on knowing your status. Read more | View the video


    Lucas and David

    One WeHo gay couple’s heartwarming proposal video. Read more | View the video

    Marry Me two gay surfers meeting on the beach.

    Marry Me

    Australia has done it again with Marry Me, a short film that follows a young gay surfer’s search for love. Read more View the video


    Not Looking

    “Not Looking,” a parody of HBO’s “Looking,” gives a much needed jab at the “post-gay” show. Read more | View the video

    RuPaul with crew members saying "bye" to the audience.

    RuPaul’s “Oh, Pit Crew”

    WOWPresents will give us a tasty look at the boys in briefs from RuPaul’s Drag Race every Thursday during Season 6. Read more | View the first episode

    Only in HelLA screencap with two friends sitting at a dinner table in West Hollywood.

    OnlyinHelLA – Dinner in West


    OnlyinHelLA‘s second vidseo centers on two friends…eating dinner…in West Hollywood. But it’s so much better than it sounds. Read more | View the video

    Open screenshot with couple and third in bed together.


    Impulse Group‘s second video in a series of PSAs on HIV awareness. Read more | View the video

    Rambo But Gay


    Writer-director Michael Serrato takes a movie known for its hyper masculinity and, with Mario Diaz, and spins it into a gay musical. Read More | View the movie

    SHE4ME screenshot with female couple at the altar.

    SHE4ME: Love is Love

    Valentine’s Day PSA

    SHE4ME presents a made-for-Youtube PSA for Valentine’s Day that captures a same-sex couple on their wedding day with music by Jen Foster. Read More | View the movie

    A Day in the Life of Desiree Jade Sol

    Screen shot from (Trans)Formative, biographical video about Desiree Jade Sol
    WehoLife’s short biographical video about the life of Desiree Jade Sol of West Hollywood. Sol is active in the trans community and in civic affairs. She serves on WeHo’s Public Safety Commission, and state Assemblymember Richard Bloom named her the 2014 Woman of the Year for the 50th Assembly District.  Read More & View the Video

    Tyler Oakley Teaches Twins Gay Speak Video Still

    Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang (ft.

    JacksGap) | Tyler Oakley

    Did you know Tyler Oakley is in WeHo now? The popular Youtube-er went to London last September to visit two other famous vloggers, Jack and Finn, and teach them the language of the gays. See More | View the movie

    For more info on gay web series, check out our favorite blogs: Deep DishTelevisual, and Huffington Post.