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My name is Enoch Miller, and I am your unofficially official Empress of West Hollywood (#EmpressofWeho). I am so proud to live in an amazing city like West Hollywood that lets me be #GayAF, but still hang out with my extended surrogate family. My great passion is music, pop-culture, local events and all things LGBT-centric. So as the Empress of Weho, I promise to do my best to not only service you (*wink*), my loyal subjects and admirers, but also to provide you with the latest and greatest in entertainment, local events and all things hip. And of course keep up to date GTV, our directory of the best LGBT video series and one-offs in the world.

I would love to get to know more residents and people who love Weho as much as I do, as well as your favorite music and GayTV!
Royally Yours,
Enoch Miller #EmpressofWeho
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UNHhhh Ep 38: “Season 2 & the Future” with Trixie Mattel & Katya featuring Mrs. Kasha Davis and Tempest

If you looking for a YouTube series that makes you laugh your ass off and you need LSD to enjoy it then, I have got a show for you. This hilarious show with Trixie Mattel and Katya (insert Russian Last Name) is called “UNHhhh.” The banter between these two queens is entertaining, funny, sexually confusing and spaz-tastic! I love watching these episodes and ending up in tears from laughing so hard. This is the first episode of their second season where they take a look into their future selves (played by Mrs. Kasha Davis and Tempest) and also give a recap on what they have done to this point. So grab your favorite box wine and hallucinogens, and enjoy. Watch

PrEP and Truvada – #JustTheTips

R.J. Aguiar brings back “Just The Tips” and discusses PrEP with one of his friends from the L.A. LGBT Center. In this episode they answer questions that I know many people have asked: How does PrEP work? What does it cost? How do you get it? — all that stuff. HIV is no joke, and even though it’s no longer a death sentence, it’s still a serious problem. PrEP it is not a cure all for HIV/AIDS, but it is another way to help protect yourself from infection. This is great to watch if you have questions about PrEP/Truvada. I love what RJ says: “PrEP yourself before you wreck yourself!”

Visit to learn more about PrEP, schedule a free consultation, find a PrEP provider near you and take a quiz to see if PrEP is right for you. Watch

“Beauty and the Beast “- Sam Tsui and Casey Breves

The new “Beauty and the Beast” movie is out today, and I found this beautiful rendition of the classic “Beauty And The Beast” song. It is a special rendition because Sam Tsui sings with his husband, Casey Breves, along with the amazing Yasmeen Al-Mazeedi (violin) and Niall Ferguson (cello). This love song sung by a sweet LGBT couple is such a classic. These are videos that make me smile and sigh and realize how much of a gay sap I really am. I can’t wait to see the movie, but meanwhile this video reminds me how much I love the classics of Disney. Watch

The Royal Playlist on YouTube

The Empress of WeHo’s playlist contains some on his favorite videos and songs from current top 40 to throwbacks to some fun tunes we all grew up on. This playlist displays a wide range of music from fun upbeat mashups, entertaining parodies, love songs and also some stuff you can just rock out to. This playlist is a great idea for those who need to just play music and can stream this from TV, Phone or any other device. Jam out with the Empress and make sure to send suggestions for music you thing he should add to it. Listen

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