Overall WeHo Crime Rate Was Steady in July, Although Car Break-ins Climbed 46%

Tue, Aug 15, 2017   By Staff    1 Comment

There were 164 serious crimes reported in West Hollywood last month, just one shy of the 165 reported in July 2016, according to a report by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

Where the city did see a major increase was in vehicle burglaries, which were up 46% over last year, with 38 incidents reported. The majority of those were on the city’s Westside, with 21 incidents reported, up 62% from 2016. The City Center reported eight car break-ins compared with four in July 2016, and the Eastside reported nine, the same number as last year.

There also was a large increase in sexual assaults, with five rapes reported last month compared to two in 2016. Three of those occurred on the city’s Westside and two on the Eastside.

Incidents of petty theft, defined as theft of something valued at $950 or less, were down 14%, but still high with 49 reports. Twenty-seven of those incidents occurred on the city’s Eastside.

Residential burglaries were down slightly citywide, with 12 reported last month as compared to 14 in July 2016. However, the Westside saw a big increase with 11 incidents compared to 8 in July 2016.

Overall, the city’s Westside reported 84 serious crimes; the City Center reported 28 and the Eastside reported 52.

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One Comment

  1. Dave DijonWed, Aug 16, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Petty theft is now up to $950. Kudos to all the idiots who voted for prop 57

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