Alison Martino Tracks Historic ‘Tail O’ The Pup’ in Web Video Series Premiere


Vintage Los Angeles, Alison Martino’s Facebook repository of iconic images of Los Angeles and the Sunset Strip, has launched a web video channel.

It debuts with the story of “Tail O’ The Pup,” an example of so-called “mimetic” architecture in that it resembled the hot dogs that it sold. “Tail O’ The Pup” traces the migration of the diner, which was designed by architect Milton Black and opened at 311 N. La Cienega Blvd. in 1946. It became a celebrity hot spot, and was sold by owners Frank Veloz and Yolanda Casazza, famed ballroom dancers, in the early 1970s to Eddie Blake.  In the 1980s it was moved to 329 N. San Vicente Blvd. Regent Properties bought the property in 2005 and the Blake family packed up “Tail O’ The Pup” and moved it to a warehouse in Torrance.

In her video, Martino has tracked down the hotdog-shaped food stand and its owners and chronicles its history and the plans its owners, the Blake family, have for its future, which may include moving it to West Hollywood.

“It’s an emotional episode since their son, Dennis Blake, passed away in his sleep last December,” Martino said in an email message. “His wish was to get the pup back on the streets again, and his family is going forward with his dream. We were there to capture its removal out of storage where it has languished since 2005.”

Martino said the next video in the series will feature an iconic (and still in existence) Sunset Strip location and the woman who created its predecessor.

Tail 'O The Pup
Tail ‘O The Pup
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M Ward
M Ward
9 years ago

Good another hot doggie that’s Worth 50cents and not can be $5.00 due to location.
How bout some stability. Bring back Joe Allen! Bigger n better.

David Keesey
David Keesey
9 years ago

I remember working at Sumitomo Bank on San Vicente around the corner from Tail O’ the Pup back in the 70’s where they filmed “The Main Event” with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal. Still have the pictures from the shooting will locate them to post on the site. Thanks so much Alison Martino, it brought back some wonderful memories
from my past.

Todd Bianco
9 years ago

Thanks to Alison Martino for this inspiring video. The history and vintage photos are terrific. I loved Tail O’ the Pup and look forward to it opening again – hopefully in West Hollywood.

If you are interested in LA history, make sure to “Like” Alison’s Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page. Every day she posts amazing old photos. The comments often fill in history and lovely memories.

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