Escape Earth With 18 Photos From Akbar’s ‘Planet Queer’

Tue, Feb 19, 2013   By Staff   

Every third Monday of the month, edgy LGBT artists perform in a number of artistic disciplines at Akbar’s “Planet Queer,” hosted by Ian MacKinnon with Travis Wood.

This Monday (Feb. 18), WEHOville took a voyage over to Akbar, at 4356 Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake, to check out the show.

Below, scenes from “Satellite of Love” by photographer Bradley Roberge.

Leopold Nunan Soares

Leopold Nunan Soares.

The Empress performs.

The Empress performs.

Ian MacKinnon and Travis Wood

Ian MacKinnon and Travis Wood.

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold.

Dr Kathy Nigh and Dingles Apollo

Dr. Kathy Nigh and Dingles Apollo.

Art cards by Martin Matamoros

Art cards by Martin Matamoros.

Ian MacKinnon and Alien 4 (raffle)

Ian MacKinnon and Alien 4 (raffle).

Devan M and Themegoman

Devan M and Themegoman 1.



Empress and crowd

Empress and crowd.

Joe Birdsong

Joe Birdsong.

Ian MacKinnon and Alien 5

Ian MacKinnon and Alien.

Ian MacKinnon and Alien 1

Ian MacKinnon and Alien.

Dingles Apollo

Dingles Apollo.

Devan M and Themegoman 3

Devan M. and Themegoman.

Devan M and Themegoman 2

Devan M. and Themegoman.

Planet Queer 3

(From left to right) Dingles Apollo, Travis Wood, Themegoman, Gavy K, Benbot 5000, Kathy Nigh, Devan M, A.J. Goodrich, Joe Birdsong and Ian MacKinnon


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